Being a mom is fun, stressful, and precious. It is a mixture of emotions. If you are getting ready for your first child, you have probably read a number of baby books and spoke to other moms to get their advice. But no amount of preparation in the world can truly get you ready for what you are about to experience. With that in mind, we have put together a collection of things that no one tells you about motherhood.

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You won’t know if you have done a good job for 20 or 30 years (if that) – We tend to think that when we make important decisions as a mom, there will be instant results. We will know whether our approach to discipline has positively impacted our child or whether the extracurricular activities we have pushed will be something that increases their social skills and progresses them in life. Unfortunately, you won’t really know this for a good few years – 20 or 30 to be precise!


You will never be able to carry the amount of things you have – Get used to balancing about three bags on your shoulder while having your baby in your arms. There is simply always something more you need to carry around with you, whether it is feed bottles, spare clothes, nappies, toys, or something else. You can find a full list of baby essentials at


You will never experience privacy again – As a mom, you will never get to experience privacy again. It does not matter whether you are on the toilet, on the phone, taking a shower, or eating your breakfast, your child will barge in unannounced.


You will feel helpless sometimes – All parents are ready and willing to do anything in the world to ensure that their children are happy and safe. However, you simply cannot control everything. Circumstances will arise that are beyond your direct control, for example, if your child is being teased at school. This can be heart-breaking, and you will wish you had all of the answers, but it is impossible to have them all of the time.


Travelling will become a nightmare – Whether you are taking a two-hour car journey to see your aunt and uncle, or you are taking a plane journey for your first family vacation, prepare for plenty of dramas along the way. If there is one thing children don’t do, it is travel well. From crying the entire way to failing to sit still, they will do their best to try you. Check out this post for some tips on traveling safely with children:


There is no learning curve – Lastly, there is no learning curve when it comes to parenting. As soon as you think you have something right, you feel like you have lost all control again. This is because there is no perfect way to be a parent, and children react differently to different things, so don’t expect your second-born to be like the first.