There are a few occasions where relationships can get ugly. Be it a case of infidelity, a slow decline of love between two individuals or unavoidable family conflicts, there are times when you’ll find yourself in a failing relationship with seemingly no way out. It’s a horrible situation to be in, and you’ll be kicking yourself wondering why you couldn’t stop it earlier or how to fix the issue yourself. No one likes to be told they’re the problem in a relationship, but when they sinking doubt settles in and you realise it might’ve been your fault, then it just makes the entire situation even more stressful.


To save you from that relationship hell, here are a couple of early warning signs that your relationship is failing and that you need to fix it as soon as possible.




You don’t enjoy each other’s friends


One of the earliest signs you’ll notice is that you’ll spend less time with each other. This is usually because you or your partner don’t enjoy the other’s friends or family members. For example, if your partner’s best friend is on bad terms with you, then they probably feel torn on who to spend time with. Eventually, you’ll both start to hang out with different crowds of people and you’ll ultimately spend less time together, resulting in more distancing that needs to be eliminated if you want to salvage your relationship.


You feel distant to your partner


The feeling of being distant isn’t very a fun. If you or your partner are constantly chasing each other or denying each other, then it’s a sign that your relationship isn’t going very well and the relationship will quickly collapse. Both need to want each other and want to be with each other. If one of you is constantly pursuing the other and the roles occasionally switch, then it’s going to cause problems in the future and you’ll start to lack any emotional attachment. If possible, consider Christian marriage counseling so you can fix these issues before they become major problems that can’t be solved. Some decided to work through their issues by enhancing their sex life. Extenze sexual enhancement has been known to help a lot with putting some spice back into sex lives.


You keep thinking about the past


Forgiving someone is harder than it seems. It’s not uncommon to let those past issues affect your current relationship, but it’s incredibly important to learn to move on and not dwell on past mistakes. Instead, focus on the present and future and try your best to move forward. Don’t hold yourself and your relationship back. Instead, focus on trying to overcome your issues no matter how tough it may be, and do your best not to bring up bad situations that happened in the past.


You argue about the same things


If you find yourself arguing over the same few things every week, then it’s a sign that you can’t settle your differences or accept each other. If you’re constantly trying to change each other’s mentality or attitude towards something, then do your best to stop it as soon as possible and settle your problems. Arguments should end as quickly as they start, not carry over several days.