Financial times have changed tremendously. Once upon a time, people would age in their own property, eventually selling or leaving it to their children. Today, however, people live much longer and must pay for their own care. Not just that, for younger people, it is increasingly difficult to get on the property ladder. It is very common, nowadays, for seniors to sell their properties to pay for their care, and particularly for assisted living facilities like this Senior placement center. In fact, it the estimation is that some two million Americans will live in ALFs by 2030. The following article,, discusses the rise in demand as a result of the growing aging population.

In some cases, these senior citizens can sell their properties to their children. In all cases, the money is used to pay for their care. It is of vital important that those moving into these facilities carefully consider their options, for instance by comparing the various services through, preferably together with their families who will be there to further support them in their older age. What they will also find, however, is that the rooms available to them in the AFL of their choice is likely to be a significant downsize from their current property.

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It is sensible to sell a property to be able to retire comfortably. It is equally reasonable to move into assisted living facilities if that type of care is required. There are, however, significant social ramifications of doing so, as highlighted in a study published by Gerontologist, accessible through These consequences are extensive, with people having to say goodbye to what they know and having to prepare themselves for their final life transition, but also because they have to leave behind the material possessions to which they have grown attached and accustomed. So, what can be done?

Preparing Senior Citizens for Downsizing

The first, and perhaps most important thing to do is for you to be there for your parents to help them through this transition. Letting go of home you have many fond memories in can be a difficult time. Looking for a potential new home can be stressful, and it’s probably worth enlisting the help of a real estate agent. If you’re looking to move to Wyoming, it might be an idea to look at Gateway Construction in Cheyenne and see if any of their properties are suitable for you. There’s no point compromising on a house as you’ll never feel like it’s your home. A recent article,, discusses the various things that you can do to make this period more relaxing. Doing so ensures that this is a joint decision that you can all get behind.

An interesting recommendation is for people to start by looking what possessions they have, and to determine whether any of them may be valuable antiques. Numerous online valuation sites, including, exist, whereby details can be entered of different pieces of furniture, artwork, and other items, to determine their value. Doing so can be turned into somewhat of a game, whereby the excitement of finding out whether something is worth something is part of the fun.

However, this does not in any way reflect the sentimental value that may be attached to an individual piece of furniture or decoration. Experts agree that the entire move should be taken slowly, without ever forcing your parents to make a decision on the spot about whether or not to keep something.

You may also want to consider working together with a moving company that specializes in senior citizens. They will have experience in providing not just practical support, but emotional support as well. They can ensure everything is packed and unpacked lovingly, and that things that are disposed of are done so in a respectful manner.

The next recommendation is to start by moving everything but the essential furniture into storage. Even the simple act of doing this will often prompt people to get rid of some stuff. This is a solution that a lot of people can put to use, especially if you are someone who likes to keep everything for no reason. Sites such as could be beneficial to check out if you are serious about the idea of using storage. It will come in handy one day. Whatever is left in the home can be placed in storage and can then slowly be taken out as and when needed. What remains can be disposed of.

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Put together, and it does leave the question of what it means to dispose of other things. Some have tremendous sentimental value but just cannot fit. Others have some financial value but may end up being worth a lot more later on in life. Then, there is the fact that people find it tough to let go of things, exhibiting almost hoarding behavior. Again, it is about being respectful of this. Perhaps it is affordable to keep a storage facility going. They are usually not very expensive, and you could raise funds by selling some of the things contained within them. If you have items such as bureaux, Regency dining tables and chairs (as seen on this antique website, or other such furniture, then you certainly have to hang on to them. These items are very likely to become expensive again suddenly.

The key thing that you must remember is that downsizing into an assisted living facility is a huge life transition period and one that is quite difficult. You must be supportive of your parents if they are the ones moving so that they feel confident and secure. One day, you are likely to have to do the same, after all.