The chances are that when you and your partner first got married, you were beyond happy, you were in the love bubble. Things were hunky dory and life was great. There were no arguments or bickering. Life was perfect. However, after a few years that may no longer be the case, and you may be starting to wonder whether marital bliss is a myth.

There are some couples that are always happy or seem to be. These are the couples that are always holding hands, cuddling and whispering to each other. These are the types of couples that make you wonder whether marital bliss exists for some people, while for others it seems to be a missing component from the marriage. Is a lack of bliss in a marriage time to call it quits or is it just a case of every relationship being unique?

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Each couple is different

What it’s important to understand is that in terms of the relationship that you have with your partner, each couple is different. There are no two relationships that are the same. So just because your marriage doesn’t feel as blissful as your best friend’s marriage, that’s not to say there’s anything wrong with it. Some couples are always loved up, other couples bicker and fight – it’s not about what works for other people, it’s about what works for you. So what if you and your partner don’t spend 80% of your time holding hands, kissing, and cuddling? It’s about what works for you and your marriage. If you want to spend half your time apart seeing friends and leading your own lives, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you are both happy in your marriage.

Sometimes love can fade

Admittedly, sometimes love can fade or disappear altogether. There is a difference between having a unique relationship and being unhappy. Sometimes, the love leaves a relationship, and there’s no reason why, but for one reason or another, it just fades away. When this happens, it’s worth considering whether it’s time to call it quits on your marriage. If you do make the decision to end things, make sure to take your time and do your research, looking at resources like a divorce checklist, to ensure that you are clued up on the process. You may want to consider separating for a while before divorcing, to see if it’s the right thing for you both.

It’s possible to bring the happiness back

If the happiness (and love) has left your relationship, you may be wondering whether it’s possible to bring it back and get back to being the loved up couple that you used to be. The fact is that it is possible to bring the happiness back, but it isn’t something that works for everyone. If things aren’t as happy as they could be, then you need to consider whether you are both willing to work at your marriage to bring the love and happiness back. To do this, you could go to couple’s therapy, spend more time together as a couple – perhaps have date nights; you could try and be more mindful of each other’s feelings – there’s plenty of ways that you can try and get things back on track.

Marital bliss isn’t a myth, but it’s important to understand that every relationship is different. Just because one couple seems to be happy and totally in love all the time, that doesn’t mean that you and your partner have to be as loved up. The fact is the best relationships are the ones that follow their own rules.