Growing up isn’t easy, and sometimes life is extremely potent and unfair. When we’re young, as children, the world is a wide open playground, and yet it can be a scary place. It’s unfortunate to admit, but not every child has great parents who will look after them to their best capability and in fact, can do the opposite of what is expected of them. It’s a very difficult subject to explore, as it touches deep people who have lived through rough experiences. If you’ve ever been physically or sexually abused by a parent, relative or even a stranger at a young age, that’s something that may stay with you for the rest of your life. Traumatic events in our lives can trigger mental health issues which ferment in our minds and over time become worse and worse. You may find that giving back to the world, is a therapeutic washing away of the bad things that occurred in your childhood, because you stop them from happening to another child. There are many ways to heal the world while healing yourself.

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Talk about it, open up

Thoughts and feelings are just chemicals in our brain until they are aired out through words which can unlock the mind of another individual. Talking to youngsters at schools, and community centers is a great way to let them know, that their pent up anger or solitary and antisocial tendencies are understood. When you explain what happened to you and how the traumatic events in your life didn’t shape who you are, children in the same position you were once in, feel a connection, therefore they’re more likely to listen to you. Children who have suffered abuse at the hands of their parents just want someone to understand them. They feel betrayed, lonely and envious of other families whom they wish they had. Talking to them about your experiences, makes them know they’re not alone and someone does care. You can give them coping tips and remove the barriers they put up against the world.

Fundraising in honor

There are many ideas for fundraisers; you could build a wall with the names of those who have dedicated their life to helping others, etched into the wall. At your community center, engraved walls with intricate and personalized writing can become the wall of fame. Everyone who walks through the door will become familiar with the names upheld and cherished for their service. It gives you something to aim for and means your counseling and mental support in the community center is also respected, and one day, you too could be a staple in your community, which will, in turn, support you in achieving bigger and greater things in life.

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Setting an example in the community

Many local people in your neighborhood pour their life and soul into making the community a better place to live for everyone. Community centers where young and old cross paths, take part in projects, play sports, talk about the day they had, etc, are incredibly valuable to the fabric of a cohesive society. Those who have committed a life’s work to help those around them have set an example to the rest. You can be a hero for downtrodden people by presenting yourself as a physical example of what they could achieve, so that children who are in a tough moment in their lives, have someone to look up to and aim to emulate.