Any sort of house move takes up a lot of your time and energy but moving overseas is a life-changing experience. There are so many things to consider, like storage from companies similar to Holloway Storage Sydney. The key to success is to start planning a long time in advance and to be super organized. This kind of life change can be a positive or a negative experience depending on how you choose to deal with it.

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You need to sell some stuff

You won’t be able to take everything with you. Although, Removal Van Hire From Compare The Man & Van will provide you with plenty of room to bring the things you need. Start the process of sorting out everything you don’t need several months before the move. Hold a yard sale or donate to welfare organizations.

You need professional help

You need professional help from a moving company to make your house move a success. This company will handle all of the packing, shipping, and storage requirements and will deal with things at your new home before you get there. This takes a lot of the pressure off you and ensures that precious items don’t go missing.

You also need help from real estate professionals to sell your old home and get a new one. A real estate expert will market your home effectively and make sure that you get the best possible price. Perhaps more importantly, you need a property expert in the location that you are moving to. They will advise you on the best areas to find a new home and what would suit you and your family.

Get the paperwork in place

It can take months to get work permits and visas sorted out for the country that you are moving to so start early to avoid a last-minute rush. Find out the exact rules and regulations that will apply and whether you need a residency permit, work permit or working visa by contacting the foreign mission (high commission, embassy, or consulate) for the country that you are moving to. You also need to arrange insurance cover. This includes buildings and contents insurance for your new house, medical or long-term travel insurance.

If you have children you will need to fill in application forms for schools and day care or after-school care.

Keep the most important documents with you and do not pack them away! You will need:

  • Birth certificates for all the family
  • Marriage certificates
  • Adoption certificates
  • Citizenship documents
  • Divorce and custody arrangement agreements
  • Police check documents
  • Insurance documents
  • Passports and visas
  • Educational qualifications

It is best if you can keep them all together in a folder that you keep with you at all times.

Keep some cash spare

You will need some currency for the country that you are moving to so that you can purchase essentials when you get there. Make sure that your credit cards can be used in that country and if not, get some new ones. Have enough savings in your bank account to help you set up in your new home. There will be many unexpected expenses as you settle in and the last thing you need is to be short of money!