Every relationship needs a little spice. It needs a little something to break the patterns that we get into and to keep the flame alive. No matter how much you love someone, it’s not exactly fun to get into a habit where you’re rarely surprised. To that end, the best way to make the relationship more exciting is to take the first step and surprise your partner a little more often. How should you do it?

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Take the initiative

Go somewhere and take them with you. You can surprise them with a family trip to the beach on their special day, for instance. Or you can arrange a babysitter for the kids so you can have a romantic date. Sometimes, you can even take care of their share of the chores so that you have time to get in a blanket burrito and just enjoy a lazy night in one another’s company.

A gift unique to you and them

Surprise gifts are a lot of fun. But they’re even better when there’s a unique quality to them. For instance, something that has a custom mark all its own. If it’s a big occasion, then you can make it even bigger and design your own 2ct diamond ring for your partner. If you’re not looking to spend a lot of money, you can create a gift for them yourself. There’s something about having your name, your favorite quote, or a devotion of love made in the form of a custom gift. It makes it much easier to feel a true connection with.

Say what you mean

Not all relationships are built the same. Sometimes, you might not be as forthright with your feelings as another couple may be. It might be time to change that. If you’re not comfortable vocalizing your feelings, then you could get in the habit of leaving love notes yourself. There are a lot of easy prompts to find that can help you find the feelings and thoughts that you want to share but rarely get the opportunity to. It’s a great way not only to personally realize what you love about your relationship but to show that value to your partner, too.

A helping hand

A good share of chores and responsibilities is important to a strong relationship. But you should occasionally change how you think about them. Instead of ‘yours and theirs’, you should think about how to be more generous with the chores once in awhile. If they’re having a hard time at work, then having a little more taken care of for them can mean a lot. Little extra touches like running them a bath can be a lovely touch, too.

Those are only a few ideas on how to surprise your loved one. You can surely find more thinking about them yourself. Once you start surprising them, there’s a good chance they’ll be happy to return the favor himself.  It turns into one of the kind of habits you definitely do want to see in a relationship.