Maintaining good hair health and vitality has its problems throughout the year, our hair care regimes are rarely more tested than during the summer months. It’s somewhat strange to think that we paste our skin in suncream (which we definitely should!) but often go bare-headed into the sun, leaving our scalp and strands to deal with the UV rays.


Add into this mix the fact we tend to spend more time in pools in summer – thus exposing our tresses to chlorine and all the damage it can wreak – and, well, it can quickly be a summer of suffering for our hair. Given that natural hair tends to be prone to dryness anyway, the onslaught of summer just makes the usual problems a thousand times worse. Many of us resort to braids for this reason alone, though they’re not without their problems.


If you want to wear your hair loose through this summer, a few tweaks to your hair care regime can make all the difference. Thankfully, it’s perfectly possible to get through summer in style and still on good terms with your hair with just three essential items.


#1 – Scissors


A small pair of scissors means that you can routinely go through your locks and shed the split ends that can ruin any ‘do. Once they exist, split ends can’t ever be healed; some products will slick them down, but they won’t ever undo the damage. That’s why it’s best to get rid of the split before it continues further up each strand of hair. To discover how to find, identify, and remove split ends, try here:


#2 – Anti-Frizz Cream


A good anti-frizz cream is an essential for getting through summer with your hair looking its best. You’ll often see these called “straightening creams” – but as we all know, it’s not possible to straighten natural hair with just a cream. The anti-frizz properties, though, we can take advantage of. Creams like this can help preserve your natural curl without weighing them down with product, as well as helping to eliminate any frizz that comes from the excess heat. If you want to find one that works for you, then you can find out more here:


#3 – Castor Oil


Cheap but effective, castor oil is the deep-nourishing treatment that your hair has been waiting for. When you need to inject some vitality and moisture back into your locks, reaching for castor oil is the best instant way that you can find. It’s also been strongly linked with encouraging hair growth, so if this is a problem for you (or you just want longer hair, faster!) then it’s worth trying for this reason alone. When it comes to using castor oil for hair nourishment, you can find out more here


Bear in mind that castor oil is great for those days when nothing else seems to be getting control of any frizz and excess volume you have. If you want to slick your hair back into a bun, then a few dabs of castor oil on your fingers can help smooth down any loose frizzes that escape your comb.