People might argue that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but you have to admit there’s something pretty magical about summer too. The warm weather brings everyone together, the days are longer, and there’s so much more you can do. As well as having fun going on vacations and days out, spending time at home is wonderful in the summer too. With the windows open and back door open, you want your home to feel light, fresh and airy. Here are some simple upgrades you can make to your home for the upcoming months. No need to do any major DIY, these are all very quick and simple changes.

In The Garden

Chances are, one of the first places you will want to make changes ready for the summer weather is in the garden. After all, if you live in a part of the world which has quite cold weather for most of the year, this is probably the only real time you’ll get to use it. After tidying it up by pruning shrubs and mowing the grass, how about filling pots, beds and borders with beautiful colorful flowers? A barbecue and a pizza oven are both great investments for the garden and are something you can use every year. If you like to host garden parties for friends and family, make sure you have enough seating. If you don’t want to buy a whole new patio set, some large outdoor cushions that you can arrange on the grass could be an option. Perfect for an additional seating area, or somewhere kids can sit and enjoy a picnic style lunch at your next garden party or barbecue. A fire pit is another fantastic addition to the garden, it gives you somewhere to huddle around and stay warm as the summer evening stretches on and on. If you have a summer house, get it cleared, cleaned and accessorized ready for use over the next few months! Get rid of your clutter by putting it away into your garden storage unit. If you don’t have something like this, then it may be time to invest in one as it can make your garden look tidier. I know that some companies allow you to design your own storage shed, how good is that? Not only will you give yourself more space when hosting parties, but you can also design it to make sure that it matches the exterior of your house. It sounds like a win-win to me! Make sure you sort everything else out first before investing your time in this project. Don’t forget the front of the house too. Hanging baskets either side of the door with colorful flowers and a fun welcome mat can really spruce up your home’s entrance! You can buy doormats in all different designs really cheaply from places like eBay or in home stores.

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Deep Clean

While spring is the traditional time to do a full, deep clean of the home, it’s something that’s worthwhile doing every season. It’s a chance to tackle all of the jobs that would get missed (or don’t need doing) on a regular day of cleaning. Declutter and throw away anything you no longer need. This is always going to be an ongoing process, and tackling it every few months will save you a much bigger job later down the line. Clean the windows, the carpets, and rugs. Scrub down your front door and dust light switches. Pull out large pieces of furniture and thoroughly dust and vacuum behind. These are the kinds of jobs you probably don’t do when you’re quickly tidying and cleaning after work in the week. With your house sparkling clean and in tip top condition, any changes you make to the interior will look even better.

In The Living Room

If you’ve gone with neutral decor in your home, updating it for each season couldn’t be easier. Simply switch out the throws, cushion covers and curtains for a light, summery color or pattern to instantly transform the look of your room, if you’re looking for items you can replace your old ones with, start looking around at sites such as for quality and luxury rugs and throws. Summer trends for 2017 include bold, botanical prints- gorgeous, summery and the ideal way to have fun with the look of the room! Pink and mint are also hot colors for the season if you’re in need of color inspiration. Invest in a good quality storage box, and each season you can remove your summer textiles, fold them up and store them in the attic ready for the following year. If you choose a plastic box with a lid, it will keep everything free of dust and prevent any pests up in the attic getting their teeth into it. If you have a gallery wall as part of your decor, how about switching out some of the artwork to vibrant summery pieces? If you find your living room gets very warm during the day, invest in some good thermal blackout blinds. Not only will these keep the light out (useful for when you’re trying to watch tv in the evening or at the weekends) but will also help to shade the room and keep it cooler during the day too. Updating your light fitting to a fan design can look stylish all year round, but in the summer you have the added benefit of it cooling the room down without the need for another stand fan.

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In The Dining Room

A big bunch of colorful seasonal flowers on the dining table is a surefire way to bring a summer vibe to the space. Another way you can bring some fun summer color to the table is with your crockery. A couple of brightly colored or patterned plates and bowls is all you need, again with the right storage you could put them away over the autumn and winter and bring them out each spring and summer. You could put a bright table runner across the table for an additional splash of color too. If loud color isn’t really your thing, how about trying another theme? Moroccan style decor works well over the summer, with a color palette of white, dark blue and metallics it looks simply stunning. Finish with large candle lanterns to complete the look.

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In The Bedroom

As with the living room, switching up your soft furnishings is an instant way to perk up your room for the warmer months. The main concern in the bedroom is keeping it cool enough to sleep comfortably when it’s hot, so choosing the right sheets and duvet is crucial. You need two duvets, a lightweight down comforter for summer and something thicker and more cozy for winter. In summer you’ll want lightweight, breathable cotton sheets, whereas in winter you could go with brushed cotton or something fleecy. If you’re due a new bed, one great tip is to choose one which lifts up with storage inside. That way you have space for all of your out of season clothes and bedding, and can switch it out each year when the weather changes. Fresh or faux flowers are another touch to bring some of that sunshine from the outside in. If you have a fan stashed away in the shed or attic, now is the time to bring it back out. Keeping the bedroom cool will help you to drift off to sleep, there are few things worse than being too hot at night! Put it up by the head of the bed which will help to regulate your body temperature better as you sleep. Again, blackout blinds are a good investment

In The Bathroom

As a small room, you might not think there’s a whole lot you can do in the bathroom. But a few simple changes really can make all the difference. How about going seaside chic with a nautical theme; switching out towels, bath mat and other accessories for a pale blue is the first step. These are the kinds of things that can get quite grubby and worn with daily use, so chances are you might be due a replacement anyway. After you’ve made small changes, you can take the leap and paint your bathroom. If you want something bespoke, I would recommend using a professional painting service such as Windermere Painters. With a professional job being done, you’ll know that it’ll look good and you won’t have to get your hands dirty. Painting can be tiresome so I would just leave it to the professionals. Keep an eye out for some cute, seaside themed accessories. A wall hanging and a themed mirror will bring it to life, you can pick these up in most homeware stores for next to nothing. If you take a trip to a real beach this summer, how about filling a bowl or apothecary jar with seashells you have collected with a pale blue pillar candle in the center?

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Embracing the season with your home doesn’t have to be difficult. It doesn’t need to mean full redecoration twice a year (which let’s face it, would be very extreme!) Instead, switching out a few key pieces with seasonal colors and patterns can transform the space. If this is something you want to do, neutralize your home as much as possible. Go with white, cream or gray walls, neutral carpets or wooden floors. Choose neutral colored furniture. That way, you bring in color and interest with accessories and are not limited to the colors you can choose. White walls will look gorgeous with orange and red tartan cushions and throws in the autumn and winter, but equally fantastic with pastel pinks, blues, mint or lilac in the summer. Having one set for the spring and summer and one set for autumn and winter means you can switch out a couple of pieces twice a year and really freshen up the look of your home.

Do you embrace the seasons by switching up the way your home looks? What changes will you be making to your property this summer?