As a parent, you want to do absolutely everything in your power to make sure your children are healthy, happy and secure individuals. It’s often more important to ensure they uphold and enjoy their own individuality than it is to step back and let them be totally independent. Children are intelligent – often more than we give them credit for – and yet they do not have a voice. As a parent, you are their voice.

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When they are in pain, you speak up for them in the doctor’s office. When they are unhappy at school, you speak for them to their teacher. You are the parent and the guiding light that they need to succeed and without you, they are not heard. After all, they’re ‘just’ children. However, advocating for a child is not easy, especially in tough times and times of sickness. As a parent, you will know your child better than anyone in the world and as a mother, you’ll now every freckle, every expression and every wrong look. You know when your baby is hurting and you know when you need to stand up and demand a second opinion.

Standing and being a voice for your child can often be a challenge. When you are dealing with issues with mental health and disability in your children, you can often be brushed aside as just a worried parent who is fretting over nothing. When you’ve tried everything that you can and you are still not being heard, stepping up for your children and going onto can make all the difference in the world. Your child is everything to you. They’re created and born from the very breath in your body and it’s this that empowers a parent to stand up and demand answers.

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Parents are naturally overprotective and naturally worrisome, but the thing is, when something is out of place, we know. We just know. Those subtle changes are glaringly obvious to a parent where they wouldn’t be to a care provider or a doctor and it’s because of this that anxieties often are brushed to one side and dismissed. As the parent, you cannot allow your child to be brushed aside. You have worked through blood, sweat and tears for your children from childbirth and up and if you don’t advocate for them when they need you most, it’s all for nothing. Understanding when you should step into your children’s shoes and shout on their behalf is easy: you always should do it.

If your child were in pain, you would fix it. If you’re fighting for a diagnosis, for funding, for anything that can make your child’s life easier, you would do it. And rightly so. Your child is going to change the world somehow. They are your little piece of immortality on this planet and until they can stand up and ask to be counted for themselves, the stress is on you. It’s the type of stress you want to take on. After all, that love is unconditional.