It’s always stressful when we have to do some public speaking. Whether it’s at the workplace, university, or at a family event, it can leave people filled with nerves. And it means they can often say the wrong thing when they do start speaking. They might start ‘umming’ and ‘ahing’ instead of their planned speech. But Public Speaking doesn’t have to be an awful experience. In fact, here are some ways you can make next time a doddle.

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Work on reducing your nerves

It’s often your nerves which can hold you back when it comes to public speaking. After all, they can overwhelm us and make us too scared to talk. And it can stop people doing a good job. To make sure public speaking isn’t a nightmare, you need work on reducing your nerves. Find ways to calm down before you have to take center stage. It might be that you take some long deep breaths or have a glass of water which can help your body to relax. And you also need to give some thought to what’s worrying you the most. If you think about it properly, it can often put things into perspective and make it less scary. And try and embrace your fear. At the end of the day, you are doing something positive by public speaking, so focus on the rewarding feeling at the end of your speech!


Boost your speaking skills

A lot of people struggle with public speaking as they find it hard to get their words out when they talk. They often make errors with their English which means their speech doesn’t make sense. And it leaves them looking back at the speech with regret. But there are some ways to boost your speaking skills to make public speaking a doddle. For one thing, you might want to work with a public speaking expert. They can give you some great tips and help you practice to ensure your speaking skills are top notch. You also might want to work on giving your English speaking skills a boost. After all, you want to come off as articulate when you do your speech. You could consider doing a course which will ensure you surround yourself with the English language and learn some vital skills for speaking out loud. That way, the next time you do public speaking, you can ensure you are word perfect.

Practice makes perfect

While you might be living in denial that the speech is occurring, you do need to face facts and practice if you want to ensure it’s a doddle next time. If you put your head in the sand, you will struggle when it comes to the day itself. After all, you won’t have done enough practice so will make errors when it comes to the speech. Therefore, it’s time to practice as much as you can to make your speech perfect. Get family and friends to be the audience while you practice the speech. And ensure they give you feedback so you can alter the speech as necessary! That way, it will be a winning performance on the day itself.



And don’t get too caught up on using scripts and powerpoint slides. After all, reading off these can often distract you and cause you to make mistakes!