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Situations Where You Could Be Owed Money

More of us are more aware of our financial situation these days, we are more informed when it comes to big financial decisions which means we are less likely to be taken advantage of as we may have been years previous. But that doesn’t mean to say we still don’t find ourselves in situations where we are entitled to money to be returned or even compensation. I thought i would share with you some of the situations where you could be owed money.

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A plane getting delayed

Have you been on vacation or holiday and find yourself dealing with a big plane delay. Perhaps being left stranded airside or even overnight? These situations don’t happen as often anymore, but die to issues from the airline or the airport, they can still happen from time to time. These days if you find yourself in this situation then you may be entitled to claim some compensation for the airline in regards to the delay. However, you will need to check your terms and conditions to ensure that you are within your rights to complain, as some airlines will have different timescales that they deem a delay.

Food poisoning on holiday

While sticking with the holiday theme, you can also be entitled to a payout of compensation if you suffer from food poisoning. This is when some holiday makers will choose an all-inclusive package with their hotel, and your sole eating and drinking experience is provided by them. However, if you find yourself ill due to the food or drink you have consumed, you might be entitled to some form of compensation because of it.

Being injured at work in the car

Struggling with a personal injury is never something we expect to happen, but injuries from a car accident or from the workplace happen more often than we would like. This is when a personal injury lawyer could take on your case to see if you entitled to any compensation for the personal injury you have incurred. Often these cases can be held through insurance companies, and the timescale in which the case goes from start to finish can vary, depending on your circumstances. If you think you have a claim, you can always consult with an Injury Law Firm In Minnesota and get their professional opinion.

Have you been mis-sold financial products?

Buying a car and using a hire purchase or loan agreement to do it? Perhaps you are getting a mortgage to buy a property? Whatever the situation may be, you can find yourself being mis-sold financial products. This might be financial products to do with loans or even things like payment protection insurance. Some people won’t have even known that they were paying for these products, but you could be entitled to a refund if the matter looked into in more detail. In the event that someone is mis-sold PPI, they could reach out to a ppi reclaim expert to help them get their money back.

Annoying bank account charges

Finally, there was a time when financial institutes could charge what they liked if you missed a payment or went over an agreed overdraft limit. However, they now have stricter guidelines. But if you think you might have been unfairly charged in the past, then you can complain to your bank directly for them to look into the matter.

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