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Let’s be honest here. Many of us spend a huge chunk of time in the workplace. We might be sat at a desk all day punching numbers into a system, maybe answering calls constantly and dealing with customer issues or complaints. Some jobs require you to be on your feet all day, or selling or making something. The truth is all jobs are different and come with varying responsibilities in regards to your job descriptions, however, on a personal and health related subject both employers and employees have similar responsibilities. I thought I would share with you what some of them are, it may even prompt you to make better choices throughout your working day.


An employers responsibility


As an employer, there are some major responsibilities that you need to have towards your workforce in regards to their care and well-being during working hours.


A decent working environment


Many people spend a decent amount of hours in their workplace, so there is no surprise that the condition of this environment is solely the responsibility of the employer. They need to ensure that the office is warm during winter, and cool during the summer months. It’s important that the office is well ventilated, and that there are facilities in which to eat and drink. It could even be appropriate to provide water.


First aid and necessary precautions were taken


Accidents happen during working time, so it’s important to have all necessary first aid on hand and designated first aiders to implement it. These things should also be reported in an accident book as a company record. However, sudden cardiac issues can be a huge concern, which is why many employers are now have defibrillators on hand. But, some employers may not be sure on what to have which is why a side-by-side comparison of new vs used AED defibrillators could be a worthwhile read. For anyone unsure, it is always better to be prepared than not to be, as these sorts of issues are on the rise.


An employees responsibility


It isn’t always about the employer ensuring the working environment is suitable, employees also have a responsibility to ensure that they take care of themselves during office hours.


Adhere to company or office rules


Many offices have rules in place in regards to work attire and conduct, so it’s important for any employee to adhere to them as best they can. You may have a uniform to wear or certain clothing deemed appropriate for your working environment. It’s also worth remembering a code of conduct in the workplace, being kind to colleagues and being professional.


Ensure they are taking care of their well-being in the workplace


It isn’t just about the clothes you wear or how you act, but also about what you eat and drink. It’s vital to ensure that you eat a healthy diet, remain hydrated and well fueled throughout the day. Energy levels can slump in the afternoon so always arm yourself with healthy snacks and food to keep you going and your mind productive.