One of the most distressing experiences for any mother is when your child has fallen ill in some way. When this happens, the first response of many mothers is to panic. Unfortunately, natural as this response is, it is far from being the most useful or productive. Depending on the level of severity of your child’s illness, there are many possible routes you might want to take. Knowing what to do and acting quickly enough to make it happen are going to be your top concerns here, and that is where this comes in. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best active steps that you can take to ensure your child is on the mend much faster.

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The Role Of Comfort


One of the mother’s primary roles at any point in their child’s life is to comfort them. This changes and somewhat dissipates the older they get, of course, but when your child is ill at any age it is likely that you will want to revert to the comforting phase. There’s nothing wrong with this – and there is actually evidence to suggest that it might even speed up recovery, so why not indulge your kid in a little soothing? If they are particularly young, it might even prove to be necessary immediately, in which case you should waste no time in switching to motherly comforting mode. The more your child feels you are there for them, the more likely it is that they will feel able to deal with it, and the sooner they will be back on their feet.


Finding Adequate Healthcare


Clearly, your child will need some kind of medical attention if they are to recover, but the level of care they will require depends hugely on what the illness actually is. If it is something minor which you can deal with yourself, then you might just be better off keeping them at home. But if it is clear that a medical professional is needed, then it is time to take a look at your options and decide on what is necessary. It might be that they are too sick to go anywhere, in which case contacting local home health agencies might be the best way to go. Or you might feel that taking your child to the hospital or doctor’s is still the best solution. It all depends on your situation, so make sure you step back and assess it as clearly and rationally as you possibly can.


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Use The Time Well

If it is clear that they are going to be bedridden or home-ridden for a long time, you might as well try to think of ways that you and they can make the most of the time. Being sick does not necessarily mean that they can’t do anything at all, and the more active you keep them, the more they will feel capable of taking on what is being thrown at them. You might choose to use this time for some genuine mother-child bonding, or you could use it to plan ahead for the future together. This has the added benefit of helping to take their mind off the illness – especially useful if they are in a lot of pain.