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Pregnancy Pains That You Should Expect



When you’re pregnant, there are plenty of amazing moments that you will go through, but there are also a ton of aches and pains that will nibble away at you too. And although most women will grin and bear it – because that’s just part of the cycle – there’s no need to suffer, as there are ways to get relief when you need it. So if something, or a variety of things are taking their toll on you – mention it to your doctor if you are concerned.

Here are the most common problems women go through during their pregnancies.



If you’re feeling an uncomfortable burning sensation in your chest after you have eaten, then you probably have heartburn. This is also known as acid reflux or acid indigestion which is very common during pregnancy because of the hormones, along with the physical changes of your body, muddling up your digestive system.


Back pain

You can expect plenty of pains in your back when you’re pregnant, that will increase the bigger you get – this is all down to your weight that you are holding, that is constantly increasing in size. Sometimes your body has to alter so much that you may be referred to a spine surgeon once you’ve given birth, because it may have damaged your back as a result.



Believe it or not, there are numerous different types of headaches, but if you’re pregnant and are suffering from a crushing pain or a constant dull, heavy ache on either side of your head, you are most likely suffering from a ‘tension headache’. You can expect this most during your first trimester as your hormones are all over the place trying to balance themselves out.


Carpal tunnel syndrome

If you begin to feel a numbness or tingling sensation in your hands, this could be carpal tunnel syndrome – this is normally associated with repetitive hand movements for the non pregnant person, but because you’re pregnant, you may have extra fluid that causes your hands to swell up which results in getting similar symptoms.



Hemorrhoids are horrible to have for anyone. Going to the toilet will be an uncomfortable experience that may cause an itchy sensation, rectal bleeding and just be generally painful to have. A lot of women can get hemorrhoids for the first time when they’re pregnant, and even more so when you actually give birth. The most common cause is because you might be constipated, so you strain more than you normally would causing your blood vessels to swell up.


Round ligament pain

Sometimes you may experience a sharp stabbing like pain, or a long, dull ache that resides in the lower abdomen area, or even in the groin. This is called round ligament pain, and usually starts around your second trimester of pregnancy.


Leg cramps

Although there isn’t a specific medical term as to why this happens, it is mostly put down to the fact that you are carrying a lot of additional weight that you wouldn’t usually be carrying, so you are putting a lot of extra tension onto your legs. Even getting up out of your chair becomes an effort and causes you to get trapped nerve in your legs, usually situated in the calves.


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