Image by Pixabay

Memories are wonderful things that bring us happiness and contentment, but sometimes they fade over time and need to be preserved. And hey, we may as well admit it, smart phone technology and social media have revolutionized the way in which we are able to do this by recording and sharing our memories through pictures, audio and video.

Time was you�d gather the family around the couch to show off your baby pictures or corral your loved ones round the TV while you spend twenty minutes tinkering with cables to show them your baby�s first steps on shaky camcorder footage. Now you can record your toddler�s first steps, upload them to YouTube or Facebook within minutes and get everyone you know to watch it within an hour.

Don�t get me wrong, it�s a wonderful technological advancement but it also takes your precious memory and converts it into content. Something fleeting and disposable. Your memories deserve more than that. However, as endearing as a beautifully framed image of your beaming son or daughter may be, there are some memories that deserve a little something extra special.

That�s why I�ve compiled a few beautiful ways in which you can appreciate and enjoy them. Most of these can be facilitated through a number of online retailers which is why I�ll also throw in 25% off at Shutterfly so that you can enjoy these great ideas at a reduced price.

Canvas prints

Why settle for a modest little photo on a shelf? Huge occasions like a wedding, a graduation or a christening deserve to be writ large on your wall. Blowing your pictures up onto a large canvas is not only a beautiful way to celebrate the memories, but it�s also a terrific way of making your space personal and unique and creating a talking point for your guests. Are you looking to make your day extra magnificent with some canvas prints? You may want to head over to Blue Horizon Prints to get your personalized prints for such an occasion.


Personalized mugs used to look cheap and chintzy but these days the mugs themselves are made of much better quality ceramic and far greater range of colors, finishes and degrees of personalization. You can use a single image, a collage or work your images into an existing design. What better way to start your day than by seeing something guaranteed to make you smile along with your morning coffee.

Photo Books

Gathering the family around to reminisce together as you pore over your memories together in a beautifully compiled album is a beautiful and affirming experience. So, why not take it up a gear with a photo book? Photo books turn your travel memories into a glossy, professional looking travel book with professionally designed layouts augmenting your pictures with gorgeous backgrounds and layouts, text and embellishments. They even come in a range of sizes and styles to make yours personal and unique.

Photo Blankets

What a time to be alive. You can literally wrap yourself up in your memories with a photo blanket. What better way to celebrate a treasured memory than by having it rendered in a beautiful and comfortable woven blanket adorning your bed or sofa? It�s a great way to feel close to your loved ones.

Whatever way you decide to immortalize your memories don�t be afraid to make it personal, make it meaningful and make a statement!