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Car shopping can be tricky. Once you sign those papers there’s little turning back. That’s why many people are very reluctant to part ways with large sums of money when in the market for a car and prefer to look into intelligent car leasing instead. When you are single, you car is fun, small or just reliable. Then you get married and you may get a bigger car which you may or may not of funded with support from websites similar to Lend a Loan (visit website) if you decided to by the car. When the kids come, you can no longer stay in that small car. As a mom of two school aged children I know there is a lot to think about there is a website Cars.com which can be a great resource to help you with your purchase. I came up with 5 things to look for in a family friendly car.

  1. Space- I can’t emphasize this one enough. I have a funny story. I wanted to rent a certain car and my husband kept saying the car is too small but I was adamant I wanted to rent this car so we rented it and it was such a mistake we rented a stroller and the stroller didn’t even fit. We had to dismantle the top portion of the stroller to get it to fit. I vowed that I would never get a small car again no matter the brand or color. Going back to what I was saying if you have more than one child you want to make sure both car seats fit. Me and my husband had to get a smaller SUV for cost effectiveness but now realize we can’t accommodate anyone other than our family.
  2. Key less Entry- When you have groceries in your hand it becomes hard to open the door but with a key less entry you are able to handle it all and open the car door.
  3. BlueTooth-To help you drive more safer you can answer your cell phone through the audio system.
  4. Power sockets- When going on long trips or just to the supermarket, it helps when your children gets to plug in their own gadget.
  5. Wi-Fi- Your child will want to want to watch their favorite cartoons so have a car that can hook to wi-fi so your children will be able to watch their favorite shows. (This feature came in handy when we were stuck in traffic).

While I know it’s not easy picking a car but I hope these tips can help make your decision a little better.

Good Luck car shopping!