Keeping your faith all day every day no matter what is something to be proud of. Tough times can seriously test us and our faith. There may be times when we begin to waiver, and begin to wonder, why us? Will it ever get better? Keeping your faith when times are hard is something we’re going to focus on today. What can you do to maintain a strong faith when you’re experiencing turbulence? Read on.


Do Things That Keep You Feeling Strong

It’s important to spend your time doing the things that make you feel strong. Make sure you continue to do the things you find peace in, whatever they may be. If you love reading, do lots of it. If you love singing, playing an instrument, doing a crossword puzzle – carve out time for it every day. Doing the things that nourish your soul will help you to feel far more connected.


Allow Yourself To Grieve

If something bad has happened to you, then you need to make sure you deal with those emotions properly. If you don’t you won’t ever be able to move on. Losing people we love can be difficult, for instance, and it’s important to know that it’s ok to grieve. To change the way you feel and think, you must first accept what has happened. It will be tough, but you can’t stay stuck in the same patterns forever due to unresolved feelings.  


Take Action

Taking inspired action is a great way to keep the faith. Don’t just stand there and wait for things to happen – start by getting involved in the community, or doing something else that makes you feel good. Get involved in causes that mean something to you and make a positive difference. This will help others to keep their faith strong too!



Surround Yourself With Other Believers

Surrounding yourself with other believers on their own journey is important. You can lift one another up and inspire one another. Sitting on church furniture while you talk it out can be a very cleansing experience, and often just what you need to feel better.


Appreciate What You Have – Not What You Don’t

It’s unbelievably important to appreciate what you have. Be thankful every day. Whatever is going wrong is nothing compared to what is going right. You’re reading this article, so you have the internet. You have a computer. You have luxuries others do not. You need to find anything and everything you can be grateful for, and more of those things will be presented to you. This doesn’t mean you should ignore situations that don’t quite go your way or brush them under the carpet. It simply means not to spend all of your time focusing on them. Spend the majority of your time basking in positivity and appreciation for all you have. Simply waking up is more than many people had the privilege of doing this morning!


Please leave your own suggestions that have helped you in the past below!