Rich and powerful people throughout history have built things that stand as an iconic monument or landmark representing their lives. Some have built things that demonstrated their strength and compassion. Others build things that are simply despised for all they stand for. Would you build something that could stand the test of time? If you want to leave a legacy that all can see, where might you start?


When it comes to faith, there is no better legacy to leave behind than a much-needed church for your community. You might think this is too much, too big, too expensive, or simply too hard to do. So why not build something that represents what you hope to bring to your community? Something modest, functional, and simple enough for everyone to lend a hand putting it up? Yes, that is possible!


Building materials vary wildly in cost and function. For a church, it would be best to keep it simple in design and purpose. If you want to erect the building yourself with the help of the community, you might use Armstrong steel rather than sourcing each item individually. While a place of worship doesn’t have to be as big as a cathedral, it will still need to be big enough for a gathering. The easier it can be put together, the better.


Once you’ve designed, ordered, and built the church, it’s important to have a ceremony to celebrate. You managed the coming together of the whole community for this project. You might not be looking for accolades or medals, but you should stand and be proud of what you built here. Plaques or decorative additions might be presented for the building. These represent a thank you as well as a lasting memory for everyone involved.

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Of course, once you’ve built your church or community center, it’s essential you continue to maintain it for the decades that follow. This maybe your legacy or landmark project, but it shouldn’t be left to you to take care of the building. If you can’t hire a janitor or handyperson to keep on top of things, then why not allocate tasks once per month to volunteer members of the community? Beyond cleaning, there will be a requirement to keep the land clear, so drainage can run effectively. Painting and decorating internally might be required every couple of years too.


Ultimately, you want this building to be remembered by everyone who uses it. Don’t be afraid to host special events and memorable occasions. Important meetings, celebrations, and even community events could happen here. It helps everyone in the community to create fond memories right there in the building you built. What could be a better legacy than that?


Are you ready to build something for your faith? Or maybe you’re keen to create something in the landscape that will stand the test of time? Don’t be afraid to think big! Building a building can be enormously rewarding. Chances are it will still be standing there in your name long after you are gone. Be remembered for something amazing.