I had the opportunity to read and review. Jerusha Clark’s new book “Every Piece Of Me” We often identify ourselves with our titles whether its mother, friend, sister, wife but Clark helps us remember that God says don’t focus on who you are but focus on who he is. Clark helps women to see how fear, lost of self and unforgiveness can keep you bound to Satan.

Allow your emotions to be there, to be real, “allow yourself to feel them so that Jesus can heal, redeem and restore you. Remaining in him allows you to be fully you and fully awake to God. It’s so real, so raw and so refreshing. No hiding, no pretending just being awake to God’s sovereign grace over the good, the bad, the ugly and the glorious unfolding.

Clark reaffirms that all of our strength doesn’t come from us but from the Lord as followers of Christ we need to stand sure that we are made in not the world’s but God’s image. After each chapter Clark makes you think about yourself in relation to God. I see this book in women’s bible study as well as just personal.

About the author

Jerusha Clark is the author or coauthor a dozen books including “Every Thought Captive, When I Get Married, Living Beyond PostPartum Depression and your Teenager Is Not Crazy. Jerusha and her husband Jeramy a Pastor at Emmanuel Faith Community Church, have two fabulous teenage daughters and enjoy spending as much time as possible at the beach. Jerusha’s ministry passion is to help people more fully glorify and enjoy their God.