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Inspiring Ideas For A Change In Careers

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Choosing the perfect line of work is a difficult task. I forever see more and more people searching for a new and more interesting career than their current one. You might enter a job role believing that it’ll be the perfect fit because you have an interest in a particular industry, but sometimes it might just not be the right path for you. Perhaps there’s no room for growth or perhaps the nature of the business has lost its charm. Sometimes, the key to a happier career is to change your career altogether.

Of course, knowing that you’re ready to change your career is only one half of the equation. You need to know why you want to change. Perhaps you want to push up higher within the company of your current employer, perhaps you want to move to another business within the same industry, or perhaps you’re ready to move into another industry altogether. If the latter is true then here are some inspiring ideas for a change in career.


When it comes to careers in travel, there are numerous different doors open to you. That’s probably exactly what you wanted to hear if you love seeing the world and all that it has to offer. Traveling can be more than a vacation; it can be a vocation. You could work on a cruise liner for example and experience an ordinary career as a waiter, entertainer, or general service assistant with the added bonus of getting to see different places around the world every time your cruise docks. Travel is certainly an inspiring change in career.


If your jaw dropped then pick it back up off the floor. Being an accountant does sound boring on the surface, but it entirely depends on what kind of accountant you are. In the wrong industry, crunching numbers might become tedious and repetitive, but there are all manner of exciting organizations out there that need smart people who know how to deal with numbers. If you wanted to get your foot in the door for a specific type of industry and you already have qualifications or experience with accounting then you might want to look for job roles in that field. Forensic accounting is one such example of a career that isn’t dull and repetitive.

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One of the most fulfilling careers in life is a career in care. Whilst it may not involve travelling around the world to see new sights, a career in care does involve helping other people and that’s possibly one of the greatest achievements you could ever hope for in a career. When it comes to caring for people, there are many different roles in many different industries. You could work in a local hospital and offer your services to a small but vitally important community of people. Or you might want to stretch your career to a global scale by working in hospitals abroad, and you could do some additional research into the technicalities of such a career progression if you’re asking yourself “how do I become an international nurse?”.

Of course, you also want to think about the type of healthcare career you want. You might want to work as a nurse in a physical environment or you might want to help people who struggle with mental issues and struggles. You might even want to help in an entirely different care environment such as a retirement home. There’s an endless abundance of different roles in different industries which involve caring for people. The point is that if your personality is geared towards improving the lives of others on a personal level then this could definitely be an inspiring and life-changing career option for you.


Everybody loves food, so this should be a no-brainer if you’re looking for a career change and you’re drawing blanks in terms of an industry to try. Picture yourself critiquing the food you eat at restaurants, as you most likely do on an internal basis already, but doing so as part of your career. Food critics can make a very good living out of doing what simply comes naturally to them, and it’s a very smart career option for those who have strong and detailed opinions about the food they eat. You’ll also get to eat food for free as a perk of the job, so it’s definitely a career to consider if you have a lot to say about the things you eat. With this kind of venture, it’s best to start it as a hobby, to begin with, just to test if you think you can make it a full-time career. You could start an Instagram, snapping pics of food when you eat out and then write little reviews in the caption. If it’s slow to gain attention, you could try socialfollow to help grow your followers faster. There are tons of tools and opportunities out there to help you take your career in another direction.

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If you’re the entertaining type then most industries might feel like a real restraint on your personality. You might enjoy the organizational elements of administrative roles but yearn for creativity and the freedom to break free of a repetitive routine. There’s a chance that a career in events coordination might be just the kind of thing for you. It’s the perfect combination of the structure, organization, and security that comes with a typical 9 to 5 role with the added fun of every event being an entirely new project with an entirely new set of rules.

The possibilities in terms of events that you could coordinate are also endless. You might organize events such as birthday parties on a smaller scale or you might decide to start your own wedding planning business. It’s a great career change if you feel trapped and listless in your current office role because you’ll essentially be a self-employed freelancer. In other words, you’ll be the boss of your own business. It’s definitely a career which suits the hard worker who’s tired of feeling trapped in a box.

At the end of the day, you know which type of career you want better than anyone else. All this article or any amount of research you conduct can provide is information. You’re the only person who can tell you the type of career for which you should strive in your future. The key is passion. You can’t succeed in a career unless you’re driven to keep climbing higher, so find the industry or job role which gives you that passion and desire to succeed.

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