It’s something that’s a lot of men have to deal with, losing their hair can be a very stressful period in their life, and if you’ve got a partner who is going through this right now, and, believe it or not, it can be more difficult than they let on. The thing about losing your hair is something that, for the most part, women don’t have to go through. So how can you be there for your partner when they are going through this?


Avoid The Clichés

For every man that is going bald, there is a fact about bald men being more virile, and that the sexiest man in the world is bald etc. But these are things that men don’t particularly want to hear. So keep the clichés to one side. He knows you’re trying to make him feel better by saying these things. However, these things aren’t really music to his ears. If you want to make him feel better, try to offer solutions! You could do your research in revitalizing hair therapy and help him find something that works for him. Showing you’re concerned and are willing to help will make him feel a lot better than using clichés.


Style Advice

Of course, men are very sensitive about hair loss, and we can normally spot the signs, growing the sides of the hair, wearing a hat, all these are things you may want to avoid suggesting. Or if they are trying to deal with it in this manner, the best way around it would be to subtly suggest more graceful options and home treatments for hair loss. A few examples include having a short hairstyle to minimize the appearance of thinning hair, or using light pomade or a clay product for a non-greasy finish. Of course, you know the trick of blow drying your hair for extra volume, so why don’t you pass it on to them?


Admitting Defeat

There may be a time where it can’t be disguised anymore, and so there needs to be a realization made by him that he can’t do any more to hide the fact that he is losing his hair. And much like the clichés in the movies, there may be a moment in front of the mirror before he shaves it. But there is an interesting little piece here at Manly Matters from the perspective of a guy who started losing his hair in his 20s and also gives some advice on the best clippers to use. It’s going to be difficult for him to admit defeat and finally come round to shaving his head, but the fact is that it may work in his favor in the end. If you have a look at this article, it’s from the perspective of a housewife whose husband actually got a promotion because he looked older due to his baldness. He looked in his 40s but was actually 33, and got a leadership position in his job. The day he finally relents and gets rid of his hair maybe the start of a whole new era for him!


It may be one of those things that we, as women, don’t give a second thought to, but it’s one of the biggest life changes a man has to go through, so if you can help them through this, you should try these little nuggets of advice. But at the end of the day, it will be his conclusion whether he needs to admit that he has no hair anymore which can take some time. But with any issue like this, they have to come to this realization themselves before they can move on.