Who or what you were in a past life can tell you a lot about yourself. We all have parts of our personality that we’ve just taken for granted, yet we don’t know where they came from. The chances are, these are personality traits that we’ve carried over from a past life. Knowing whether you had a past life, and understanding it is the key to truly knowing who you are as a person. It’s difficult to tell whether you had a past life or not but there are always tell-tale signs if you know where to look. If you feel like there may be more to you than meets the eye, look out for these signs.




Deja Vu


Deja Vu is something that most people experience from time to time but most people just discount it as if it were nothing. But it isn’t nothing. It’s actually a very useful clue to who you might have been in a past life. If you get a sense of familiarity in certain places and you just can’t explain why it might suggest that you lived there in a past life. Or you might find that things make you anxious or nervous for no discernible reason, that usually means that you had a bad experience with them in a past life and those negative feelings carried over into your current life. One real life example of this phenomena is the case of Cameron Macauley. From a very young age, he described a life on the island of Barra, a place that neither he or his family had ever been. He spoke of his life there in such great detail that his mother decided to take him there. When they arrived, they found the house that he described and it was all exactly as he said it had been. While there were some discrepancies, he was pretty much spot on with most of the things he described.




You can directly access some of the memories of your past life through a form of hypnosis that takes you back there. Sites like pastliferegressionqhht.com can help you to find experts that can take you through a process of hypnosis that taps into your subconscious and walks you through your past life. The signs can tell you whether you had a past life or not, but hypnosis is the best way to access detailed information about it. That way, you can face your problems rather than ignore them.


Natural Knowledge Of History


Having detailed knowledge of historical events before your lifetime that you haven’t learned from anywhere is another clear sign of a past life. Do you find that you’ve got an extensive knowledge of ancient Egypt that you’ve always had, without reading it from a book? That’s probably because you lived there in a past life. Another common piece of knowledge that people have is languages. There have been cases of people waking up from comas, completely fluent in languages that they couldn’t speak beforehand. The likelihood is, they spoke these languages in a past life and they tapped into that while they were in a coma. You can find more information at cnn.com.


These three signs are the easiest ways to tell whether you had a past life or not, and how to use that to inform your current life.