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Family vacations are hard work, but, in the end, there is nothing better than hitting the beach with the family. Or, maybe you want to go to Disneyland and have an adventure. Whatever you choose, it is going to be fun, exciting and enjoyable. However, a family holiday isn’t always rainbows and picnics. Unfortunately, boarding a plane and traveling abroad brings complications. Some things happen in different countries that don’t occur at home. At least, they happen more to tourists than anyone else.

The last thing the family wants is to get involved in a potentially dangerous situation. After all, you have the kid’s safety to think about, as well as yours and your partners. People think all they need is common sense and awareness, but it’s amazing how often you forego these abroad. Let’s face it – you want to have a wonderful time.

Having fun is important, but it should never come into between the family’s security. Here are the most frequent traveling catastrophes and how to avoid them.


You’re in a different country and want to enjoy the vacation. It’s easy to see why people let their hair down and have a drink. The problem is when you let loose and have too many. Drinking alcohol in a foreign country isn’t the same as consuming it in a local bar or your living room. For one thing, there is no way to know what chemicals are in the booze. In some countries, they drink everything from white spirits to absinthe, so you need to understand what you are drinking. More importantly, the weather is warmer. The term “warmer” is an understatement, too. Depending on the country, the temperature could hit over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. There are even places where the mercury reaches temps of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only is this a dangerous climate to drink alcohol, but it’s also not a healthy atmosphere to walk and be outside. Dehydration is deadly and consuming beer speeds up the process. Instead of enjoying a cocktail or two, stick to bottles of water. At the very least, make sure you drink plenty of H2O during the day to keep your body going throughout the night.

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When someone steals a wallet or purse, he or she doesn’t put your health at risk. It isn’t like they point a gun and make demands. Still, the situation can be just as catastrophic in lots of ways. For one thing, it ruins the vacation as the family has to spend their time talking to the police. But, there are bigger concerns. If a pickpocket gets hold of the budget or family credit card, you might not have any money. That means no cash to pay the hotel or to buy food. It also means there is no money to purchase a flight home and get back to normality. Without any money, you’re in a vulnerable situation until someone refreshes the coffers. Of course, the trick is to keep your valuables safe in the first place, which isn’t always easy. Try and make sure anything of value is in a pocket with a zip, and mix and match your cards. For example, don’t take a credit and debit card because if you lose both, the consequences will be dire.

Physical Injury

Everyone knows horror stories of families who went abroad and got injured. Sadly, this isn’t a rare occurrence because of a variety of factors. Sometimes, people drink too much and misplace their common sense. Other times, the health and safety laws in the country aren’t up to scratch and lead to an incident. It isn’t nice to think about, but your family could be on the end of an injury, which is why insurance is essential. Regardless of the situation, the insurance company should pick up the tab and cover the bills. That means everything from medical costs to bad weather and even a plane crash. As long as there are no details which void the coverage, you don’t have to worry about the costs. Just make sure the policy covers the scenarios which are likely or possible to occur. Also, go high with medical coverage. If anyone needs evacuating home, it can cost a bomb and an average family can’t afford a bill. As a rule, it needs to be as much as $1 to $2 million and above. Honestly, that is how far the costs can escalate.

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Car Accident

Millions of car crashes take place every year, and not just on American roads. Around the world, drivers make mistakes and cause accidents. This then calls for a professional team of car accident lawyers to handle the case. Of course, a personal injury case follows and lawyers get involved. You might think “how does this affect my family?”, but think of these two words: road trip. Lots of families go abroad and hire a car to explore their surroundings. Indeed, there is a whole industry that relies on foreigners to rent a vehicle for a week or two. The idea of hitting the open road in an exotic country is far more appealing than doing it at home. And, the fact that you’re on vacation only makes it more tempting. Although driving abroad is great fun, there are issues. The main one is that the rules and regulations are completely different than back home. Not only does this make driving uncomfortable, but it also makes it unsafe. Crashes can happen, and they are more likely if you are a tourist. If you insist on hiring a car, make sure everyone is buckled up and alert. Also, don’t drive fast and focus at all times. Finally, research the rules of the road so that you are familiar with the driving style.

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Hotel Safety


In theory, the hotel should be the safest place for the family. If it’s secure, there will be guards on the door and staff who take their jobs seriously. But, it is worth noting that every establishment doesn’t uphold the same standards. Simply put, some hotels are safer than others, and that is a problem. For those who realize this on arrival, there isn’t much you can do but accept the conditions. Paying for new accommodation is expensive and the result might not be any better. Rather than making a change, keep your wits and be security savvy. For example, never leave the door unlocked even if you are in the room. Then, it is harder for people to enter the room. Also, don’t leave anything of value in the hotel. There might be a lock on the door and a safe, but this doesn’t mean much. Locks are easy to break and the safe might be a fake. An excellent tip is to keep valuables such as passports on your person at all times.




Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean crime stops. If anything, it heightens because tourists are easy targets. From assault to kidnapping, there is a lot to consider. Thankfully, the solutions are simple and easy to implement. To begin with, don’t put the family in harm’s way. Walking down a dimly lit alleyway might be quicker, but it is potentially dangerous. Instead, stick to a public and well-lit walkway. Moreover, don’t venture into areas where you know crime to be an issue as it increases the chances of an incident. Last but not least, don’t take your eyes of your loved ones because a busy street is a good place for kids to get lost


Please don’t think that a family vacation is dangerous and unsafe because it isn’t. Still, there are things you should be aware of to ensure everyone has the time of their lives.