Looking Fashionable When Your Luggage Allowance is Tight

Over the past few years, a lot of airlines have put their luggage fees up. As a result, taking more than one suitcase with you on holiday is expensive. Understandably, most of us squeeze what we need into as few suitcases as possible. Unfortunately, when you are travelling with a baby or toddler leaving certain bulky items behind is not a viable option. As a result, you rarely have much space left for you and your partner’s clothes. This makes it quite tricky to pack what you need to look your best in your holiday photos.

Over the years, we have learnt how to fit what we need into a very limited space. Below we are sharing a few tips to help you to do the same.

Pack lightweight clothes

Building your holiday wardrobe around lightweight items of clothing like leggings and thin tops or shirts is a good idea. Not only do thinner clothes take up less of your weight allowance, they also tend not to crease as much. The fact that they are usually made of manmade fabrics also makes them easier to rinse out and get dry.

Plan what you wear to travel in carefully

You can easily fit a couple of pairs of leggings, several tops, at least one dress and your underwear into a cabin-only case. Add in the jeans or skirt you wear to the airport along with a light cardigan or jumper and a jacket and you should have enough clothes to last you a week. Plus, if you start to run out of clothes all you need to do is to rinse a couple of items through and hang them on a hanger to dry. Provided the clothes are thin enough they will not need ironing.

Make sure everything matches

When you travel light like this it is particularly important that you make sure that everything you take matches. That way you will have plenty of outfit combinations to choose from.

Lay everything out on the bed including the clothes you are planning to wear while travelling. Now you can check how many different outfits you can create using the items you are planning to take.

Think about the activities you are planning to enjoy while you are away and ask yourself if you have what you need for each of them. Try to do this at least a week before you are due to travel. That way you will have enough time to go out and buy any items that are missing. If you can, take your suitcase and pack it then weigh it. Doing this enables you to double check that everything will fit into the cases you are planning to take with you.

Make the best use of the space available

How you fold your clothes and fill in the gaps plays a big role in how much you can fit into your case. For example, rolling instead of folding saves an awful lot of space. This magazine article explains how to make the best use of the limited space you have when travelling with just one suitcase.