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Is Your Financial Situation Affecting Your Health?

Money makes the world go around, so they say. It dominates politics, entertainment, how we spend our time, and so on. It permeates all aspects of our life, and that includes our health. The question is: does our financial situation affect our health positively or negatively? If you’re financially secure and prosperous, it’ll be having a subtly positive impact; you won’t even notice it. If you’re not, then getting control of your finances will be as good as a health check up. Below, we take a look at how finances and health are intertwined, and what you can do about it.



Losing Sleep


The relationship between a good night’s sleep and sound health have long been recognised. People who sleep well live longer, have a better figure and can concentrate for longer. This will cause concern for some 65% of Americans, who say they’re often kept away at work due to money worries. If this applies to you, then don’t accept those nights spent tossing and turning: acknowledge that there are some things you can control, and some that you can’t. Do what you can and let the worries slip away. Also, follow these handy tips for a good night’s sleep. Good night!


Stress and Anxiety


It’s all too easy to become overwhelmed by our financial situation. Even if things are generally OK, it can sometimes feel like it’s a constant uphill battle, especially if we’re in debt, and as a result, our stress and anxiety levels can fly through the roof. If money is affecting your mental health, then it’s time to take control. Consolidate your loans into one monthly payment using a site like Open a savings account (and actually pay into the account this time). Cut out what you don’t need to be spending money on. If you’re proactive, you’ll be able to take control and calm your anxiety.


Stress Relievers


We can develop serious health problems if we try to easy our money worries in unhealthy ways. Being stressed can cause us to smoke, drink alcohol, and eat unhealthy foods. While these things won’t do too much harm on a short-term basis, if they’re left to develop then you’ll be putting yourself in danger of serious health problems. Instead of self-medicating, practice self-love; yoga, mindfulness, and the like are all awesome, healthy ways to reduce the impact of stress.


Access to Healthcare


There is another way that money affects health, and that is when it comes to access to healthcare. People with money worries are less likely to seek professional help should they need it, purely because they don’t think they can afford it. To remedy this, make having insurance a priority; it may eat into the finances, but you can’t put a price on health.


Final Thoughts


Money is problematic, but if you take the right steps, you can ensure that it doesn’t affect your health too negatively. It’s all about owning your finances, not the other way round: if you do, your health will thank you.

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