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As the old saying goes, cleanliness is next to Godliness. So, it’s not surprising that people want to be squeaky clean at all times, both spiritually and physically. Hygiene goes hand in hand with health, so it’s absolutely essential that we keep on top of things and enforce strict standards of cleanliness in our daily routine. However, when it comes to cleaning, so many people make huge hygiene faux pas without even realising it! One of the main culprits? The Q tip. These small cotton buds come with clear instructions for use, yet so many people still tend to use them incorrectly. So, here are a few reasons why you should abide by Q tip packaging instructions and some hygiene alternatives to rectify your rogue beauty behaviour.


Ear Cleaning


Many people use Q tips to clean wax from inside their ear canal. But this is a huge no-no! As Q tip packaging notes, the product should never be placed inside your ears. First of all, a small amount of ear wax is good for you. It traps dirt and bacteria, preventing it from entering your sensitive ear canal. It also forms a waterproof barrier and protects your inner ears. Pushing a bud too far into your ear could also result in a burst eardrum and a swift trip to the accident and emergency unit of your local hospital. However, as beneficial as earwax can be to your health, some people do produce excessive wax, which can interfere with their hearing capability. In cases such as this, individuals should seek out professional ear cleaning. You may have earwax impaction, tinnitus caused by debris in the ear, or wear hearing aids which may expose your ear to excess dirt. Seek advice from your doctor who will be able to point you in the right direction.

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Perfecting Lipstick


Another common use for Q tips is to perfect your lipstick outline. The swab can either be dampened and used to wipe away “bleeding” outside of the lipline, or dipped in a translucent powder and then used to dab around the lip line to contain the colour to your lips. However, bearing in mind the environmental impact of disposed Q tips (they are known to stay on beaches and in the sea when flushed down drains and can take years to decompose while harming animals), you would be morally better off investing in a good quality lip liner and ditching the Q tip from your beauty regime altogether. It may offer a simple way to remove smudges or slips, but it’s far from necessary.


Eye Makeup Removal


A common method of removing eyeliner is to dip a Q tip in eye makeup remover liquid and run it across your eyelids and other areas. However, again, this is a nonessential part of many individuals’ beauty regimes. After all, you can simply remove eye makeup with a thorough wash in the sink with soap or another facial wash. If your eyeshadow or liner is particularly stubborn, use micellar water on a pure cotton pad or reusable muslin cloth to completely remove all traces of makeup.


Removing the Q tip from your beauty regime and replacing it with these alternatives will reduce your personal impact on the environment and save you money while ensuring that you are still as clean and prim and proper as can be.