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Saving money is essential for a happy, stress-free, financially responsible life. There simply is no substitute for it, and though they can be a great boon, credit cards from services like are not an alternative to smart savings.


As it so happens, though, saving in a vague sense isn’t enough, and savings which are just put into a collective pot with no clear purpose are liable to escape the moment you have your back turned.


If you want to save properly, you’ve got to break up your savings by categories and keep track of how much money you’ve assigned to each one.


Here’s a look at some creative savings categories you can use, which have the power to change your life.


My dream holiday


Setting money aside in a “my dream holiday” category is one of the best things you can do to take that dream from the realm of imagination, wishful thinking, and “someday-maybe” and turn it into a plan in action.


Not only does setting aside money for your dream holiday bring you ever-closer to living the dream, it also keeps the idea fresh in your mind, inspiring and thrilling you on a daily basis. It also makes it more likely that you won’t dip into your savings gratuitously, since you know that doing so will be taking you away from your  goal.


Starting my own business


Creating a “starting my business” savings category is a brilliant way of building up the often daunting costs required to launch your own entrepreneurial business venture.


There are good reasons to start saving towards your own business, even if you’re unsure of the specifics of how that business would play out.


Not only does putting some savings into a “business” category motivate you to reflect on your future goals of self employment, and refine them, it also establishes the habit of thinking big in general — a key to unlocking many great potentials in your own life.


Getting a crazy qualification


There’s a school of thought that one of the most important things in life is the experiences we have and the stories we leave behind. In order to gather such positive stories and experiences, we need to put ourselves in positions where we’re open to the mysterious and unknown, and where we do things out of the ordinary.


Getting a crazy qualification is a great way of opening the door to a world of brilliant experiences and stories which can show the way to new friends, hobbies, and even career prospects.


Now, we’re not talking about a standard qualification here, such as getting an MBA, although, of course, that can be a great thing to do in and of itself.


Instead think of something out of the ordinary which inspires, excites, and even scares you. Getting a pilot’s license, for example.


Travelling the world


Travel always has the potential to change our lives, by changing the way we see ourselves and the world around us. It’s a big world out there with many new vistas of discovery available, and even if you only feel driven to experience certain parts of it, it’s well worth saving up for the adventure.


Extensive travels can, of course, be expensive. That’s why you should start putting some money aside for them today. Before you know it, you may have enough to start booking your flights.