Life is short, it’s important to get out there and make the most of it. When you spend a huge part of your week working, stuck in the rat race, it can be easy to feel like your existence isn’t as meaningful as it should be. But there are ways you can enrich life for yourself and others, making a genuine difference as well as gaining self confidence and feeling happy in the process. Here are a few ideas to consider.


Get Involved In Something Meaningful

This could be a charity or initiative close to your heart, it could be a case of volunteering your time. Either way, giving some of your time to an organisation that makes life better for others will surely enrich your own. It could be supporting the National Endowment for Democracy who are dedicated to strengthening of democratic institutions around the world. It could be raising money for Macmillan cancer charity who support those during and after cancer. It could be spending a few hours of your week volunteering at a local soup kitchen, womens shelter, animal shelter or children’s hospital. Have a think about the issues that are important to you, and then think of ways you could get involved.



One of the things people reportedly say most on their deathbed was that they wish they had travelled more. The world is a vast and wonderful place, these days you can travel without breaking the bank so if you have the opportunity to do so then take it. You could hire an RV and go on road trips– these give you a vehicle and accommodation in one saving you money. You could go backpacking, an inexpensive and humble way to see the world. You could visit different destinations in the country where you live. Either way, getting out there and travelling is a great way to enrich your life. You’ll have new experiences, seeing and doing things that you wouldn’t have any other way. Meet new people, expand your mind and have fun- it’s one great way to improve your life.


Teach Others

Being able to pass down knowledge, skills and experience we have gained in life to someone else can be very fulfilling. Helping them to make a positive change in their own life can certainly make you feel good in your own. You don’t have to make a career change and retrain as a teacher to be able to do this. You could become a tutor– whether it’s helping children who have fallen behind to study for exams, or passing on your knowledge and passion of a musical instrument to someone else. Whatever it is, if you have a skill then there will be someone out there who wants to learn it.


Spending your free time doing any of the above will enable you to feel productive and make a difference. You will improve your skills, boost your self confidence and generally make life better for yourself.