Review: Jamie Loves Her Natural Hair

As a young girl natural hair was not popular. To cover up my natural hair I had to get a perm and the infamous hot comb. As I was trying hard to cover the tight curls and conceal the kitchen (that’s what they called it) my self-esteem diminished I tried to hide my hair through braids and perms. It was hard seeing my hair as beautiful which is now I see a part of my identity.

Fast forward 2017, the natural hair community has taken the world by storm and it’s not just a movement but a cultural revolution. With natural hair comes dolls, books, and seeing people with their curls. I am so happy to be able to review the book Jamie Loves Her Natural Hair. I love how the book shows Jamie doing different hairstyles and realizes her hair is different from people on TV and on some books but she loves her hair.

Review: Jamie Loves Her Natural Hair

Review: Jamie Loves Her Natural Hair

This book is perfect timing especially at a time when little girls are being bullied and ridiculed for their hair. Jamie Loves her hair helps to build self-esteem and confidence letting girls with curly hair know that regardless of what and how people feel about you how you feel about your hair matters the most.

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