Most people think they know the things that have an effect on their physical and mental health. However, most people have no idea of the things that are truly ailing them. If you want to make sure you’re aware of the things that could be secretly affecting your health, you’ve come to the right place.


Read on for the things that could be affecting your health and you don’t even know it:


Sitting Down For Too Long

Do you work on a desk? Or for whatever reason, do you spend big portion of the day sitting down? It could be seriously bad for your health – even if you go to the gym or workout occasionally. Gyming is great, but if the rest of the time you’re sat down, it isn’t going to be doing the things for your health that it should be.


Aim to get 8,000-10,000 steps per day, every day. You may need to put a little more effort in, but it’s so much better for your heart, joints, and even your mental health.


Your ‘Healthy’ Diet

Many people think that they eat a healthy diet, but they’re actually filling their bodies full of processed junk. Low fat, low carb, and diet meals are not healthy. They actually leave you hungrier than if you were to eat real food, and the ingredients in most of them do your body no favors. Learning how to read nutritional labels and going for foods that contain as much nourishment as possible is best. For example, rather than cereal for breakfast (which will no doubt mean you’re hungry again before long), have whole porridge oats, eggs, or another type of breakfast made with real food.


In general, if you eat a decent meal for breakfast you will be less likely to snack throughout the rest of the day. Many people say they struggle with snacking, but it’s actually because their meals are not substantial enough or are lacking in a certain micronutrient. Teaching yourself as much as you can about nutrition will help you.



A Bad Work Environment

A bad work environment is bad for both your physical and mental health. If you hate going into work, and find yourself under a lot of stress while you’re there, it goes without saying that this is terrible for your mental health. The stress can then affect your physical health, weakening your immune system and making you sick. Can you take on less work? Can you speak to the boss about things that need to improve? Work environments can vary, but they should all be clean, comfortable, and fair on workers.


It isn’t unusual to hear of workers getting sick from their workplace, sometimes seriously so if it is littered with hazards. Once you’re injured, you’ll then need to make sure you find the best medical care or you’ll have to hire the finest malpractice lawyers, it all turns into one big situation that could have been avoided. If you think your workplace is lacking, bring it up. If you can’t handle your workload, be honest.


Toxic People

You’ve probably come across a few toxic people in your lifetime. For some people, they are family members. Toxic people can be seriously draining on mental health, whether they psychologically or physically abuse you. They don’t even have to be abusive to be toxic and bad for your health, so do what is right for you and cut out the people who make you feel drained. It has been proven that toxic people can even cause things like PTSD in their victims, which can be difficult to cure.


Isolating Yourself Socially

Humans are social creatures, and yet many people isolate themselves socially. This can be tough to overcome if you have anxiety and different problems, but even just one small outing a week with a friend can have a huge impact on your outlook on life. Are you spending too much time alone? Do something about it.


Racing Thoughts

Many of us have so much going on in our lives that we find our thoughts racing at 100 miles per hour. We have to constantly be thinking about something. This is dangerous for our mental health too – it can feel like we never get any space, and leave us forgetful, panicked, and feeling lost. Meditation is a great tool to help with this. A few minutes a day is all you need.


Are these things affecting your health? Be honest with yourself and you could improve your life.