Beer for hair?

Yes, I have heard that beer for 4c hair is hydrating there’s even some youtube videos that and it’s called beer rinse so when I could try it for my hair without having to buy beer I said why not.

BROO beer shampoo comes in 3 different types invigorating shampoo for daily detox, thickening conditioner for fine hair and the one that I use is moisturizing conditioner for dry damaged hair. The packaging is sleek and it seems better than a beer rinse because I don’t like the smell of beer. It smells citrusy like an orange a lot of people complain.

What I love is that the products are free of sulfates, paragons, phthalates, silicones dyes and fragrances. It has malted barley which has b vitamins, proteins, and minerals nourish, repair and protect hair. Hops flowers-antioxidant-rich essential oils, fortify and soothe scalp. I have 4c hair and my husband has 3c and uses the thickening shampoo for fine hair.

My hair felt softer by using this product and I don’t have to worry about it being dry from using alcohol.

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This is a sponsored post I received these products for free from Moms Meet