In a relationship, and in a marriage, in particular, you’re always going to feel tested. Love is precious, but it isn’t always easy. The same can be said about family life in general. But the trick is to realize that, as long as you work at things, you can reach your own kind of perfection in a very simple way. A huge part of this is sacrifice, trust, and acceptance. Even more so when you’re feeling external pressures. And you will feel them along the way. Because although a relationship and a marriage takes two people that are willing to commit, there are always more than become a part of your married life at some point or another.


Your Kids


Your children will forever be a huge part of your marriage. They’re vitally important and will always play a central part in your marriage. Sometimes this will be for the better, but at others, it will be for the worse. Because becoming parents can test husband and wife. Your opinions may differ, and you can find that this strains your relationship. But your vows will keep you safe. Because although you will feel tested and although you will feel weak, your children will also bond you together and keep you strong than ever before. Because being parents will always unite you.


Your Boss


Then there’s your work. Because it can get in the way of a happy marriage. And in particular, your boss can be the figure that works their way into your relationship. However, no matter how stressed you are, how hard you’re working, or how difficult things get, you need to keep work out of your marriage. No buts. Your boss may be demanding, and you may be working too much, but you have to put your relationship first and be supportive of your spouse. Remember, for better and for worse.


Your Parents


A sore subject in many marriages can be parents. Because sometimes, they can become too involved in your marriage. Sometimes they disapprove of your union or they’re too reliant up on you, but you need to be able to work to find the best solution. Whether that’s finding independent living apartments to give you all space, or seeking counseling. You have to keep your marriage between the two of you, and not let meddling parents try to pull you apart – whether they mean to or not.




He will always be part of your relationship, so accept him with welcoming arms. Keeping god central to your relationship can keep you strong and in tune with each other. So prayer, talk, and share your favorite bible passages. Your faith is something that can bind you together and keep you strong, so let it.


Your Friends


And you always need your friends. Although friends that don’t respect your relationship can be damaging, good friends that are there for you are essential. Keeping a strong support network of friends can be the core of your emotional health. You marriage is important, but you can’t stay happy and healthy based on one relationship along, you still need your friends, so let them in – but only so far.