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Is your kid a couch potato? Does he or she spend most of their time glued to their cell phone, tablet or Xbox? Are you struggling to encourage them to be more active?


This is one problem that needs solving right now because, as I’m sure you’ll know, physical activity is essential for a healthy mind and body. It is also known to boost creativity and aid in intellectual growth – all things you want for your child. That means it’s time to take action and get your kids off the couch! Here are a few things that can help you with that:


Blow Up Some Balloons


If your children are young, then it’s unlikely they’re going to be able to resist balloons. Blow a few up and make a game of trying to keep them in the air by any means necessary and your kids will be up and running around like there’s no stopping them.

Get a Dog

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If you like dogs and you’re willing to take on the responsibility, then if your kid is a little older, getting them a pet of their own is a great way to encourage them not only to get off the couch but to go outside and breathe in more fresh air too. They’ll love walking their pooch, playing frisbee and, sure taking the odd selfie together, but you won’t have to worry quite as much about their attachment to tech when they have a furry friend that’s better than any phone, by their side!


Enrol Them in an Activity-Based Camp or Academy


If you ever went to summer camp when you were a kid, you’ll know just how character-building they can be. They can give you discipline, help you interact with new people, and most importantly, encourage you to get serious about an activity. Whether it’s soccer camps, yoga camps or a baseball academy, they’ll have oodles of fun and get used to being more active. My partner mentioned just the other day that his friend decided to send their children to a summer camp in their area called Brookwood Camps and that had loads of different activities for them to do so they are guaranteed to have fun and not get bored. Maybe we should start looking for camps where we live so we can register them as soon as possible. Hopefully, they’ll be sufficiently impressed by the activity to keep it up when they get back home.

Have Some One-on-One Time Together

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If you have more than one kid, then taking the time to give each one your full attention, and ensuring that when you have some solo time together you do something more active, like walking, fishing or visiting the local park, is sure to pay off. Most kids love spending some quality time alone with mom or dad – they won’t mind what the activity is!


Arrange a Scavenger Hunt


Another one that’s great for younger kids, setting up a fun scavenger hunt with a great prize at the end of the trail is too much for any kid to pass up. They’ll have so much fun trying to work out the clues and following the trail that they won’t even miss their various devices, or the comfort of the couch, for a second. You’ll probably be glad to sink into it at the end of the day though!


Hopefully, this has given you a few ideas to turn your couch potatoes into runner beans!