One of the keys to life is being able to stretch your money further. Whether it’s practicing frugality so you can learn to live with less or clearing out the clutter in your home for a simplified lifestyle, it’s important to look for ways to take your money further than you could otherwise. But how far is your money really going? Do you think it can be improved, or are you looking for ways to stretch those pennies?

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Too Much Excess Leads to Clutter


One of the most common things we spend money on is personal possessions, usually for the sake of entertainment, our hobbies or a number of different reasons. As we build up our personal possessions, we start to build up clutter in our homes and it tells us one thing; our money didn’t go far. If you’ve bought something that eventually turned into clutter, then there’s a good chance you didn’t get much use from it. If you want to stretch your money, then you need to make value purchases for things that will actually go for, not things that will end up adding to your clutter situation.


Learning to Live With Less


Many people switch to frugal lifestyles because they want to learn to live with less. If you think about how you spend your money, then there’s a good chance you’ll realize that a lot of the purchases you make aren’t really helping your situation. For instance, if you have extra commitments such as two or three hobbies, then you’re going to spread your resources (money and time) over all of them which results in less time for the things that are most important to you. If you learn to live with less, then the money you spend goes further because you’ll spend it on things that are more important.

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Experiences instead of Possessions


It’s also important to focus less on material possessions and more on experiences and memories. A good example of this is donating to charities or causes like Cane Bay Partners. While you won’t get any possessions or anything immediately, you do get an overwhelming sense of satisfaction knowing that you contributed to something that’s important in the world–acts of selflessness go a long way. Experiences are also important and can stretch your money further than just buying a material possession. Whether it’s going on a holiday with loved ones or visiting a concert of your favourite band, those experiences can forever be saved with the help of photographs and


How Far Does Your Money Go?

It’s not always about material possessions. Sometimes giving your money to a good cause or investing in long-lasting happy memories can be a much better investment. Make every penny count in your life by making it go as far as it can. Stop worrying about cluttering your home with more than you need and focus what’s important in life by learning to live with less.