This is a story of a grandma telling her granddaughter to look up to the sky if she feels lost. I was reminded about the talks me and my grandmother use to have when I felt down. I loved the storyline even for an adult but simple enough for a child to comprehend. It brought back memories as a child I would stare up at the stars when upset and it made me feel peaceful.

I loved this book and the storyline. Her grandmother encourages her how to look up to the sky and find encouragement when she is feeling down. This is such a befitting topic because kids of all ages feel down about themselves every once in a while.

The pictures are amazing. The best imagery I have seen yet in a children’s book. If you look up to the sky is a great bedtime story my daughter loves each picture it was hard for her to move to the next photo.


Publisher: Beaver’s Pond Press
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 24
Age Range: 5 – 6
Grade Level: Kindergarten – 1
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