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When you become an entrepreneur, you are basically signing up to a steep learning curve whereby you educate yourself on the move. It is one of those roles where experience rules the roost. Now, a lot of these lessons are things you would expect. But some of the time, you get whacked by a challenge that you never gave any thought to, such as hiring people.


The way most people think goes like this: “I need to expand, so I’m going to hire the best person”. However, the reality is a far cry from this. Mmm hmmm. We’re saying you need to have a hiring policy that won’t negatively affect your business (which is what will happen if you ignore this advice).


So, with that in mind, here are some of the strategies you might find super useful going forward.


  1. Really Know What You Are After

How can you possibly hope to hire the best person for the job if you don’t even know what the job actually is? The answer is: you can’t. So, make sure you know what the role involves and what you want from an employee, that way you will find it so much easier to hire the perfect person.


  1. Make The Description Foolproof

One of the most frustrating things in the hiring process is getting eight applicants in and realising that none of them has the skill set you want or need. That isn’t a coincidence and it’s not because everyone is a chancer that’s willing to try their luck; it’s because your job description was vague. The bottom line is this: the more detail the merrier.


  1. Experts Are Experts For A Reason

There is a reason why the recruitment industry is one of the biggest of them all. It works. So make sure you tap into this massive resource. Of course, not all recruiters are born equal, which is why we recommend you hire a top 10 executive recruiter, and the reason is these people are professional applicant hunters. They take your criteria and use their network of people to vet people they think would suit your needs. That means no hassle for you.


  1. Find Answers With Questions

Interviewing is an art. It isn’t about just inviting a candidate into a room and then asking them questions off the cuff. It is about developing a set of interview questions that will reveal more than just the basic stuff you can probably find on their LinkedIn profile. Ask questions that make them think, questions that reveal more about who they are and what their skills can do for your operations. The best applicants won’t mind you asking about how they see themselves fitting in with your business. That’s a fact.


  1. Spot Any Red Flags

It could be body language that makes the voice in the back of your mind scream, or it could be a hesitation to answer a question or it could be something they implied; whatever it is, if you spot a potential red flag, investigate it. Don’t just dismiss these kinds of things as interview nerves. Your business isn’t worth the risk.