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Places to Renew your Vows in Belize

Belize is just a two-hour flight from Miami and is fast growing in popularity among the young
couples looking to rekindle their romance or renewing their vows in Belize. It is sheer heavenly
to walk hand in hand on the beaches or enjoy diving or snorkeling together. Belize may be small
in size, but when it comes to romantic places for a couple’s getaway, it really packs a big punch!
There are plenty of romantic getaways and great rentals in Belize that are quickly catching up in
popularity. Those beach resorts and rentals come with incredibly gorgeous views and offer the
feel of the tropical atmosphere. Plan a perfect vacation oasis with your loved one in a romantic
style resort and also enjoy all the wonderful activities. Browse for the kind of Belize rentals you
are looking for and relax by the Caribbean Sea. This is just the kind of romantic hideaway one is
looking for and enjoy the utmost privacy.
Belize boasts of a variety of ecosystems, beautiful beaches and wildlife and is a top tourist
destination. Couples can do a lot many things together and can find many adventures in the
jungle or the ocean waters or amidst the Mayan ruins. There is plenty to do and see here in Belie
that boasts of natural beauty and some great resorts and rentals. Couples unwind in their private
space and rejuvenate their love for each other. Belize offers just the right mix of beach vacation
and jungle adventures during a honeymoon.
Here are a couple of ideas and spots in Belize to rekindle your romance and renew your love for
each other.

Have dinner at the Reef
Enjoy your boat ride in the Caribbean Sea and when the sun is setting, just look around
and feast your eyes on the amazing scenery. Have your dinner on the small boat that
rocks gentry and look at the amazing coral and marine life. Your captain will ensure that
you are served with whatever you desire

Rent a waterfall
This is perhaps the most romantic thing you could do for your lover. You could have an
enchanting waterfall in the jungle in Belize, all to yourself! Spend a romantic day and
swim in the hole and enjoy a great lunch when hungry. You can feel free to swim as you
like as you are completely alone and at one of the most spectacular spots.

Get a mud massage
Couples really love getting the Mud Massage in a private decadent cabana. It is fun to
roll in the mud and slither mud on each other. The mud and the massage are great for the
body, and fun spirit is great for the soul and the mind. Later, one can rinse themselves in
the sulfur spring bath.

Discover the natural beauty in Bacab Eco-Park
Bacab Eco-Park is a safe and fun environment and offers a number of activities for
couples. One can horseback or bicycle in the nearby jungle. They can paddle down the
river in a kayak or explore the trails on foot. They can relax in a hammock or cool off
with a dip in the pool.

Enjoy a private BBQ and boat
One of the must do for anyone coming to Belize is to get their own private boat with
captain and plan a great BBQ. One can enjoy snorkeling the barrier reef during the day
and swim. They can relax on the boat with cocktails or simply lounge around. Later, they
can hunt for a romantic spot on the beach and enjoy BBQ with each other.

Enjoy the sun and surf at Caye Ambergris
One of the largest islands off the Belize coast, it is amongst the top destination for
couples looking for romance, sun, and surf. There are beautiful white-sand beaches and
clear blue Caribbean waters. One can simply relax by the water or go for snorkeling,
scuba diving, fishing, parasailing, bicycling, windsurfing, hiking or bird-watching.

Take a Sunset Cruise
There are several Spots near Belize that are simply perfect for sunrises. One can hire a
boat and glide soundlessly along the island. Enjoy the breeze blowing and the cocktails as
you watch the skies burst into the romantic hues of pinks and oranges. This is indeed one
of the most incredibly romantic things to do here.

Go for a super exclusive service
If your budget allows it, then it is a good idea to organize a trip to a private island with
full services. Enjoy every moment of your private day of luxury with your own personal
chefs and butlers. Make your partner feel special with all theta attention and pampering.
Just a brief experience of it all works as an effective aphrodisiac.

Visit the Hopkins Village
Hopkins Village may be small but is big on hospitality. Get a warm welcome in the small
town filled with shops and restaurants. This is indeed a great place to spend some quiet
moments together and experience the Belize culture. One can opt for rainforest
adventures or go for scuba diving at the Belize Barrier Reef or explore the Mayan ruin

 Romantic blessings the ancient Mayan way
Not everyone gets the chance to express their love or honor their relationship in the
ancient Mayan way. Arrange a lovely spiritual blessing ceremony under the guidance of
bush medicine woman at a Mayan Temple or wherever you like. Let those Mayan spirits
bless you again and again and strengthen your bond.

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