Have you heard a lot about home working and are starting to wonder whether it could be a route that you should go down? If you are thinking about this, you’re not alone – an increasing number of us are choosing to go down this path each year and say goodbye to traditional working environments, instead working from the comforts of our own homes.

Of course, while this way of working is hugely popular – why wouldn’t it be everyone wants to work from home – that doesn’t mean it’s suitable for everyone. With that in mind, below is a guide to the ins and outs of home working, along with seven reasons why people choose to work from home.

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How popular is working from home?

Studies have shown that home working is becoming increasingly popular, with more and more people choosing to work (at least part of the time) at home. A survey of 15,000 US adults found that at least 43% of Americans spent time working from home last year, this means that since 2012 the number of home workers has risen by over four percent.

This study also found that the number one reason why people choose to leave a job that won’t allow them to work from home is because of a lack of flexibility, in addition to being unable to work from home. This suggests that many people are pushing companies further than ever before and encouraging them to break down traditional structures and policies that have previously played a vital role in the set up of a work day. Just because you have decided to work from home, doesn’t mean you and your business cannot grow, by look at something like examples of digital transformation by Salesforce. Technology is changing and works in relation to a lot of businesses, however small. You can always make things work to your advantage no matter where you work.

What are the benefits & why do people choose to work from home?

Many employers believe that when it comes to home working, there are many benefits to be considered, including the fact that as a rule of thumb, remote workers tend to be more productive, and that having that extra flexibility can help to reduce the gender gap.

Wondering what makes home working so beneficial, whether working as an employee or running a small business of your own? Below are seven reasons why people choose to work remotely and why you should consider it too…

  1. Better control over your schedule

One of the major benefits of choosing to work from home is the fact that it gives you far better control over your schedule. The fact is that when it comes to your working hours, if you work in an office environment, it can be very difficult to control when you have to work and fit your work life around your other commitments. However, when you work from home, this usually isn’t the case – you usually have much more flexibility with your schedule and how you spend your time. You can also save money on your energy bills as well, as if you work from home then you’re actually just using business energy. You could easily check out someone like Simply Switch to help you find the cheapest business energy providers. But again, this is something which you have control over and can greatly benefit you.

  1. More time for personal pursuits

Leading on from having better control over your schedule, another benefit of working from home is the fact that you have more time to fulfil your personal pursuits. Whether that’s time with your family, taking part in activities that you enjoy, such as taking art classes or joining a running club, working remotely can give you more time to fulfil those pursuits, improving the quality of life that you have. After all, surely your whole life shouldn’t revolve around your career?

3.You have a higher chance of doing something you love

They say that if you do a job you love, you never work a day in your life, and it’s so true. The fact is that when it comes to you career, if you want to make the most of your time at work, you have to find a way to do something that you love. And one of the best ways to do that is to choose to work from home running your own small business.

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  1. You can grow professionally

Do you feel like you’re being suffocated at work because you aren’t able to advance your career? Does it feel like you will never move up the ladder and get to where you want to be? If you feel like this, you aren’t alone – a large percentage of people feel dissatisfied at work, which is why it’s so important that you think carefully about you career and whether working from home could offer you more than working in a commercial environment.

  1. No boss breathing over you

One thing that a lot of people hate about their work is the fact that they have a boss breathing over them the whole time. The fact that someone is watching your every move isn’t a nice feeling, is it? That’s another reason why home working is becoming so popular – freedom to work how you like when you like.

  1. More comfortable working

Sometimes, the reason that people choose to work from home is simply because they can’t comfortably work from a commercial office environment. Perhaps you’ve been injured in some way – maybe as part of a workplace accident – and now working in the environment that you used to, just isn’t comfortable for you. Obviously, if the accident occurred at work, you can use specialists like Finkelstein, Meirowitz & Eidlisz to help you to gain the compensation that you are owed from the company responsible to start a new life working from home. Comfort is key when working, and if you’re not comfortable working in a commercial environment, then home working could be the answer. As well as the idea of being comfortable, one thing that I love about working from home is the fact that I can decorate and rearrange things the way I want without having to ask anyone’s permission. It is literally my space to do what I want, which is great. Recently, a friend of mine recommended I looked into a company like Greenleaf, who supply a range of interior design services that can help transform the overall look and feel of your office or any room in your house, through the use of planting and landscaping services. I still need to look into it a little more, but I love the whole concept of it. This is definitely a benefit of working from home.

  1. More options

Another reason why an increasing number of people are now choosing to work from home is because this way of working allows them to consider their options more carefully and work in a way that is the most appealing to them. Whether you like your own company and work better solo than in a team or you prefer peace and quiet over a loud and distracting office environment, remote working could be perfect for you.

There you have it, a guide to why people commonly choose to work from home and why this way of working is something that you should consider doing too. After all, remote working boasts many benefits, which is why it’s becoming an increasingly popular way to work.