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Follow This Action Plan If You Can’t Hear Properly

Recent readers of this blog will know I put up a post the other day about hearing loss. In it, I briefly explained that there are different causes and it can happen to anyone. I also very quickly touched upon the fact there are many solutions at your disposal. Today, I want to follow that up with an action plan of sorts for anyone that feels like they’re suffering from hearing loss. Take a look at the advice below and follow the tips if you can’t hear properly anymore.

Eliminate The Most Obvious Cause

The first thing you can do is try and eliminate the most obvious cause of your hearing loss; wax! Most people who suddenly struggle with their hearing will find that it’s because of a buildup of wax in their ears. Wax is a natural thing, but some people generate more than others, and you can also make it worse by trying to clean your ears with a q-tip and pushing the wax deeper into your ear canal. My advice is to try an olive oil ear cleaning solution, and see if that makes a difference. It should soften the wax, helping it clear naturally. If your hearing gets better, then you know that was the cause. I’ve left a video below that shows you how to clean your ears using the olive oil method, feel free to watch it if you need to!

See A Hearing Specialist

If your hearing hasn’t improved after you’ve tried to take care of the most obvious cause, then you should go and see a hearing specialist. Here, they will run a few tests on you to see how bad your hearing is, or even if your hearing is bad. Sometimes, it can feel like you can’t hear properly, but you might just be imagining it. A hearing test clears everything up for you right away. If your hearing is bad, they’ll prescribe a course of treatment, which might mean getting a hearing aid. You’ll have to go back for a fitting, but you can learn more about what that entails online or elsewhere. This is the main solution for permanent hearing loss, but there are other treatments such as getting your ears syringed that can help anyone with blockages causing your lack of hearing.

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Protect Your Ears

The last thing I will touch on is how important it is to protect your ears when you can’t hear properly. Some people may go to a very noisy concert, and suffer temporary tinnitus or hearing loss because it was so loud. If you continue to subject your ears to loud sounds and noises, then you’ll make a minor problem a lot worse. Protect your ears, stay away from loud noises, and see if the problem goes away. If not, then it’s probably a serious issue that warrants a trip to your hearing specialist.


You may be unable to hear properly, but hopefully, your eyesight is good enough to read these tips! Some of you will be lucky enough to only do the first point, and it will clear everything up and renew your hearing. If your issue is more serious, then please see a hearing specialist and listen to their expert advice.


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