When it comes to faith, everyone has their own way of expressing it. And sometimes that means going to huge events and community gatherings, but sometimes you just need to express your faith for you and not for 100 other people. Faith, regardless of your beliefs, is something that resides in your heart and soul and sometimes it floods your entire body until you just might burst, and other times it sits quietly in the corner of your mind – always there for you when you need it most. Being part of a community who share the same faith as you is the most amazing feeling, but you have to allow yourself time to reflect and enjoy your faith on your own, so that you don’t get swept away and miss the true meaning behind those beliefs.



Singing is something that has been an integral part of religion for as long as there has been one. Offering your voice in praise to your God is a joyful moment. And hearing a whole congregation doing just that is wonderful. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t worship through song on your own. You don’t need to have a good voice, just find a song, like this best version of amazing grace, and sing along. Let the words fill you and enjoy the moment.



Whether you go to church, temple, to a synagogue, or any other religious building, don’t just go when you have to. For Christians, Sunday is the day where everyone goes to church. But go when you want to, at any time. Take some flowers or a donation, or simply just yourself, and give yourself time to be alone in God’s house. You can also take this time to think about anything troubling you, even talk to somebody just to get it off your chest, if not to find an answer.



Practising your faith means doing what you preach. Most religions have one huge factor in common: to help those in need. And you don’t need an audience or a huge bag of money to do that. Sometimes helping someone is simply a kind word offered, or making up the difference for someone on the bus. Small acts of kindness builds within you making you a better person, and you just have to pass that happiness on.



You were put on this earth for a reason. Created the way you where for some purpose that is bigger than all of us. And the only way you discover what that is, is to live your life. Live it as you would want your loved ones to – full of laughter, adventure and love. If you want something in life then go and get it. Positivity will get you a lot further in life than negative grousing. If you spend your life constantly looking for something more and never looking around you, you’ll miss the most amazing things in life.