While there are sometimes where you are unable to protect your child from illnesses, there are more than enough occasions where you can take steps towards ensuring your child does not fall ill as often as you can.


These preventive measures will not only ensure that your child remains safe, but also their friends from school and around the neighbourhood. Children are curious and explorative beings, and so there will be times where they are still learning what is and isn’t safe. While you shouldn’t coat them in bubble wrap, you can still help them avoid getting sick by being an overlooking eye in their life.




Head lice are something that can spread quickly through any classroom and if not noticed early enough can spread even further at home and throughout your family. Being able to identify the signs of head lice can help you combat this before it is too late.


However, should you find that it is already too late and your children as well as others find themselves itching and scratching at their scalp, then seeking out and working with services such as The Lice Place can help get everything back to normal. Furthermore, these sorts of services can advise on preventing such problems in the future. Sharing this knowledge with other parents will further avoid head lice infesting not only your child but theirs too.




Getting an infection from things such as untreated cuts and scrapes to undercooked food can have horrible effects on your child. What starts as just a simple scratch here or there can quickly become much more severe if it is merely left and not cleaned.


Should your child come home after a day climbing trees or playing at the park, then check and double check them for any cuts and ensure that it is cleaned and disinfected to prevent infection. Furthermore, undercooked food, especially meat, can cause nasty stomach bugs that can make them unable to get out of bed for a week. To prevent this, use a meat thermometer to check any food is thoroughly cooked as well as adequately cleaned beforehand to eliminate bacteria.




When there is an illness going around, you can often feel like it is the luck of the drawer and your child may get sick, but they also may not. This is particularly common during flu season when many children do not have the resistance to illness. However, you can still prevent this by getting them flu shots when the season comes around.


It is not enough to do this one year, though. Flu strains are evolving and becoming stronger every year and so keeping them adequately topped up year on year will make their bodies stronger and more effective in fighting off illness.


When surrounded by children who are prone to sticking their fingers wherever they want, not washing their hands, and passing on illness without realising it, preparing before illness strikes can be the difference between a happy, healthy child, and a poorly, uncomfortable child.




Children are prone to getting sick and fighting illnesses, and it is vital that they do get sick in some cases to help boost their immune system. However, doing what you can to reduce the pain and discomfort that they might experience should they come down with an illness will help them in their fight against infections and other illnesses. Furthermore, you will not merely be helping your child, but their friends and classmates, too.