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Picking the Right Limo Service for your Wedding


A wedding is that special day that should be etched in not only your memories for a lifetime, but also that of all your guests. And, if you are having a destination wedding against a beautiful Puerto Rican backdrop, you are already halfway to making the day even more special. Do you know what can add a touch of elegance to the whole celebration? It is choosing the best limo services for transportation in San Juan.


According to the officials at VIP Limo Puerto Rico, a reputed San Juan taxi service, limos today are also being used as mobile party venues for wedding guests who wish to have fun and make merry, just about anywhere! If you are looking to engage a limousine service for your big event, here are some of the things to keep in mind.


Picking the Best Limousine Service for Your Wedding


  1. Dwell on the Theme: Your choice of vehicle must complement the wedding theme. You will need to check out the entire fleet of vehicles offered by your service provider and choose one that will match the wedding style. For instance, a Bentley will be ideal for a vintage theme wedding and a Hummer could be the best pick for a wedding steeped in opulence and set amidst luxurious surroundings. Remember, picking a limo is not like picking a cab service. It is more like adding character to the celebrations.


  1. Know the Number of Passengers: The limo can be used for a multitude of purposes and the sizes have to be picked accordingly. If it is a Puerto Rico wedding and you are going to use it as a shuttle from San Juan airport for your guests, you will need a higher seating capacity. Similarly, if the limo is to be your honeymoon vehicle, you can pick a smaller one that offers complete privacy. You may even consider hiring multiple small-sized vehicles for flexibility.


  1. Number Crunching: At the outset, it is important to set the expectations right. Just about any regular taxi service in Puerto Rico will be much cheaper than a classy limo ride! Once you are aware of the prices, set a realistic budget for limo rentals. Try and fit in your requirements within the budget. If you select a taxi service in Puerto Rico that offers you a wide variety of vehicles to choose from, you can stay within your budget without compromising on your transportation comfort in San Juan.


  1. Service Quality: When you are shelling out a sizeable sum for your limo rental, you would certainly expect world class services. Besides, it’s your wedding day and everything should be perfect. So, your vehicles need to be in top order and accompanied by courteous and well trained chauffeurs, who will arrive on time and provide unmatched comfort and luxury on board!


Once you pick the cab service of your choice, they can actually be utilized in many ways for making the celebrations special. Apart from providing high end transportation comfort to your guests, these can even be utilized as backdrops for photo-shoots!

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