Life has a way of becoming dull and predictable. All that consumes you is work, eat, sleep and rinse repeat. Who can blame you really, when you’re mind is focussing purely on the rent or the mortgage, it’s helpful to be single-minded? But if you could break down this fourth wall of life, what would you do? With the will to shatter the normal 9-to-5 schedule, the world is your oyster. Even so, just running around in big empty fields with your arms out is kind of whimsical and will get boring pretty quickly. Surely there’s more to it then you ask; there is. Away from the concrete jungle and the bustling nature of the working world, there is life outside that isn’t doing so well. Previous generations of humanity have been far too wasteful and nonchalant about wildlife and nature. The world is one giant ecosystem, and when certain parts of the natural order come to a grinding halt, disaster is sure to follow. So here’s how you can get away and still remain productive!

Image by NOAA Ocean Exploration & Research


Action with impact


Polar bears are in a plight for survival. Although things seem to be picking up for the pale giants, they need trusty helpers to give them a secure future. Their habitat has been affected by many things, including global warming. Their homes are literally melting away, and their numbers have become unstable in the wild. Polar Bears International has a program called the actions with impact. In some form or another of which there are many, you can get stuck in the situation and help give these creatures a future. There are jobs for those with a passion for this cause. Teachers, students, scientists and small businesses can make changes to promote the conservation of polar bears. If this is not relevant to your skillset, you can be a community member and campaign.

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Apexes in need


Evolution is still being understood at very fine levels of scientific research. One thing is for certain, nothing that is weak survives by the law of nature itself. Unfortunately, the dominant species that once roamed the plains of Africa are in need of help. Lion, cheetahs and rhinos to name a few have been under attack for decades. Poachers have declined the numbers of these great animals, and now, many are having to be reared in captivity. You know whether it’s time for a break from normal life and if you’re up for a challenge you can volunteer in Africa and support conservation initiatives firsthand. The African Conservation Experience has many different roles in their volunteer projects. Wildlife rehabilitation is very popular among foreigners as they get to help the animals up close and personal. This is just one of the types of ways you can get involved, but doing your own research and finding what would best suit you is advised.


Even apex predators like lions and cheetahs have succumbed to the foolish and reckless acts of humankind. With their numbers dwindling, conservation may be their last hope for survival. Polar bears aren’t going down without a fight, and you can be part of it if you look in the right places. There’s no better way to use your time off from the routine of a normal life than helping these animals in their plight.