2018 has been the year of great films and I’m excited about another film Paul, Apostle of Christ.

Paul, Apostle of Christ is the story of two men Luke, as a friends and his physician risks his life when he ventures into the city of Rome to visit Paul, who is help captive in Nero’s darkest bleakest prison cell. But Nero is determined to rid Rome of Christians and does not flinch from executing them in the grisliest ways possible. Before Paul’s death sentence can be enacted, Luke resolves to write another book, one that details the beginnings of “The Way” and the birth of what will come to be known as the church.

Great pains were taken to maintain biblical accuracy. Using scripture as the only reference director Andrew Hyatt recreated the story of Paul on film including the close relationship with Luke, whom at the end of Paul’s life at his own peril, traveled in and out of prison carrying Paul’s writings to the community of believers. The film will be available in theaters March 23.

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I believe this is going to be a great film.


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