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Rules Of Divorce



Going through a divorce is never anything easy to deal with. We tend to have so many preconceived ideas about what it will be like, and yet if you are ever unfortunate to experience it for yourself, you will realise it wasn’t like you ever thought at all.


It’s important to know that as bad as you may feel right now – it will get better. If you are having a divorce, then it is most likely because you have both realised that there is nothing more that you can do to save your marriage. And as upsetting as it may be, you wouldn’t have made the decision unless it was necessary.


Everyone is different.

Don’t try and feel a certain way if that’s just not how you feel. Just because you expected to cry every day and want to stay in bed, doesn’t mean that you have to. Just because you’re able to keep on moving with your life, and you’re still finding things amusing to watch on the tv, doesn’t mean that you don’t care, nor does it mean that you’re in denial. You are merely processing things in your own way. You may find that a few days, weeks, or even months down the line, it all hits you at once and you feel broken. And that’s okay. But maybe it won’t, and you will go on with your life and feel brilliant. Don’t let anyone tell you how you’re supposed to feel or what you’re supposed to do, because there are no rules.


It doesn’t have to be ugly.

We often see divorces play out in the media to be an awful vicious battle between two people that always ends with a winner and a loser, but it doesn’t ever have to be this way. By working together alongside an attorney like jody fisher, you can agree on things before anything has to be taken out of proportion. They were once your partner, so there is no reason you can’t just work together one final time to make the process a smooth one, rather than a traumatising event that not only affects the both of you, but your families and friends that are involved too.


Don’t get the kids involved.

If you have children, whatever you do, no matter how hard things are, do not get them involved. When people are angry and are going through a situation like this, children are sometimes brought into the mix and used as pawns to get what they want. This is wrong, as your children have their own feelings on the matter, and it may be a very painful and heartbreaking time for them, so the more you can get done behind closed doors – the better. Then when everything has been sorted, you can explain together, what has happened and why. They will need reassurance. They will need to know that just because you’re apart now doesn’t mean that they are loved any less. And they most certainly should never have to choose between who they live with. It’s not fair.

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