Being a parent and a mother is one of the greatest experiences that this life has to offer. It really is a blessing to do so. And if you are a believer of Christ, then you’ll know just how important it is to raise children in this way, and to pass on your faith and testimony for them. It can help them to experience similar things that you have done as you have grown, and help them to be grounded on the same principles that you as a family have. So believing or not, here are some ways that you can open up conversations about God with your children, and raise them up in a Christian way.



Have God Be Part of Your Life


If you want your children to experience the blessings of believing in God, then you need to make sure that He is very much a part of your own life too. Our children are learning from us all of the time, and quickly realize if we sound like someone that we aren’t. If you talk to your children about prayer or ask them to pray, for example, then having them see you pray and hear you pray is really important. It very much has to be do as I’m doing, rather than do as I say with children.


Keep the Sabbath


There are plenty of things that can get in the way of our busy lives and mean that you don’t do certain things. But if you as a family make a decision to observe the sabbath, then it shows to your children where your priorities lie. If you make an effort to keep the sabbath day holy, as stated in the commandments, then it shows where your heart is, and your children will follow your example. Getting to church or a place of worship isn’t always going to be possible, but it shows where your heart is if you make it a priority over things like parties and sports games.


Honor the Family


Along with our relationship with God, our family should be our priority. Commitment to family is one of the basic Christian values. It does sound simple but with work and other commitments in this day and age, it can be easier said than done. There are always other things that we could be doing. But one of the best things we can be doing is spending time with our family. This is a valuable lesson for our children and they will remember the time that we have all spent together.


Some ways to do this could be setting aside the same time each week to gather as a family to talk about things or have a devotional, much like the family devotions from David Servant, for example. It could also be time taken to spend time together just doing the things that you enjoy and to have fun. These things will help your children to have some great relationships with you, each other, and with God.




Read the Bible Together


Learning about the bible and reading bible stories together can be a wonderful thing to do as a family. The stories have so much to teach and lots to learn from that can still be applied in today’s world. So don’t forget about the importance of studying the bible. This kind of thing can be emphasized at church, but really, should be taught in the home. So don’t underestimate how much you should be doing this with your children. Talk about the stories and do so often. There are some great bible videos on YouTube that you can watch with them, to make the stories easier to understand. When they understand the practical implications of these stories, it will set them up for life and for the challenges and blessings that they will face.


Serve Others


There is nothing that teaches Christian values more than helping others and being of service to others. After all that is what Christ did His whole life, and it is a great thing for our children to learn. Children of all ages can get involved in service, so don’t worry that there won’t be anything that you can do. From formal and arranged community service projects, to simply helping a neighbor with their yard or taking them a meal, there are all different things to get involved in. Some great memories can be made from doing these things with your children, as well as the good feeling that you will be getting after helping other children of God and easing their burden.


Have Other Good Influences in the Home


It can all be very well trying to raise children in a Christian way. But if you are the only ones around them that are doing it, it can be hard for them to understand and follow through with what you have been teaching. So think about other people of faith that could have an active part in your child’s life. Grandparents, other family members, teachers, neighbors and friends can all be part of their life and help. When they have plenty of godly influences in their lives, it will help to solidify their knowledge and build a testimony.


Model What a Christian Should Look Like

We read in the bible that God was holy and wants us to be holy too. Unlike Christ, we will never be perfect as he was. But there are some aspects and commandments that we can be perfect in. We can be proud of who we are and our beliefs, and make sure that people know of our beliefs and values. When our children see us taking an active role in this, it can make a big difference to them. Keep the commandments and be good parents. Work on marriages and relationships and it will help our children to know that you’re trying. It can be fine to show our children that we’re not perfect, just as long as they know we are doing our best.