Thanks to my friends over at Mitsubishi I test drove the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander GT. All opinions expressed are my own.Road trips are fun. I remember watching movies of road trips like National Lampoon and hearing “Are We There Yet?” which is so true because my kids were eager to arrive.Road trips or staycations let you get away without the expensive plane tickets.

We drove the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander GT for a trip to Crystal Springs Resorts in Sussex, New Jersey. I was looking forward to experiencing a Mitsubish first hand after hearing my friends, who’d owned Mitsubishis in the past, speak of the brand with such fondness. Even old examples of models from the Japanese company still inspire interest with listings for a mitsubishi eclipse gsx for sale not staying up for long before someone bags themselves a sweet ride! Crystal Spring Resorts is less than a two-hour drive from NYC. This was a perfect distance for my husband who will not drive no more than four hours to go somewhere.

What I enjoyed about the Mitsubishi Outlander GT


Adaptive Cruise Control-When you have little ones your worry about their safety this car is equipped with adaptive cruise control which uses radar technology to judge distances between you and the vehicle ahead.

Multi-view camera- My husband loved seeing the actual car in the camera this feature uses multiple cameras.

Rear-cross traffic alert– It detects a vehicle approaching from the side while your backing up.

Blindspot Warning and lane change assist– This feature alerts you when a vehicle is in or approaching your blind spot.

Lane departure Warning -The LDW uses an onboard camera to monitor lane position in front of the vehicle.

Forward Collision Mitigation– Utilizes both laser radar and camera technology to determine if a frontal collision with a vehicle or pedestrian is imminent.


The Mitsubishi has a cutting edge look that’s both sleek and modern with leather interior.

Saves on Gas

Who wants to constantly fill up on gas? With the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander GT you won’t have that problem. We filled up the car and didn’t need to refill the car until we came back two days later. The gas mileage is 25/30

Price-While you get all the perks you can expect that this car will not break the bank coming in at 34,595.

Other great features

  • Keyless Entry
  • Apple Car play
  • Heated Front Seats

The Mitsubishi Outlander GT is perfect for young families, couples, first time drivers, and travelers. There are more perks listed here visit your local Mitsubishi dealer.

Have your driven the Mitsubishi Outlander? What do you look for when purchasing a vehicle?

Thank you Mitsubishi!