STN: Talk to us about “She Won”

She Won: In a world that promotes shame, hiding our scars, and covering the truth, She Won is a safe space for women who share similar stories of abuse. It fosters healthy relationships and facilitates community. She Won is a movement that is intentional about shifting the social shame experienced by those who have been sexually abused, creating a culture that unites and celebrates survivors, and empowering the lives of women and young girls.

STN: What made you create “She Won”?

SHE WON: After hearing heart breaking stories of women who were sexually abused, my heart was broken by the reality of its prevalence. I wanted to make a difference by uniting them in community, empowering them to take their rightful place in the world, and celebrating them for surviving.

STN: How is this a safe space for those who were sexually abused?

SHE WON: Women are able to share or choose not to share real life experiences related to sexual abuse without judgment or advice giving. They are held emotionally with attentive care and concern. There is a sensitivity and an openness we have while listening or being with survivors. I have been with women in all kinds of pain over the past decade. Sexual abuse was the most common occurrence over the years. I feel very comfortable journeying with women into the depth of their pain. Our spaces are safe because women feel supported, accepted, and known.

STN: Is there mentorship for those who are sexually abused?

SHE WON: Our heartbeat is to broker healthy mentorship relationships amongst survivors of all ages. We don’t want anyone to navigate the journey of healing alone. It is so helpful to have someone who is a bit further on the journey to affirm, add value, and support another survivor’s journey.

STN: What else is in store for “She Won” are you looking to expand to other cities?

SHE WON: There is so much happening with She Won. We will not stop until we rid shame from the hearts of women and girls who have endured sexual abuse. We hope to gather survivors in cities across America and beyond. We plan to add value on high school and colleges campuses, and we are hosting our first camp for girls this summer.

Where can we find out more information? Visit for more information or follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook at @officialshewon