I remember the days when I was working out everyday. I felt energized, focused and motivated.

Fast Forward…..

Two kids and approaching 40 my body has taken a nose dive into the deep sea. Let me keep it real with you I get out of breathe running up a flight of subway stairs.

My husband goes to the gym three times a week but that doesn’t inspire me as much. I do light workouts (squats, jump rope, push-ups) but nothing where I will sweat my clothes off. I wanted a workout where I could sweat my stomach away I started looking for some exercises and I stumbled upon spin cycling, now I’m thinking it may be a good idea to look into purchasing a recumbent exercise bike for our home, the hubby will probably get some use out of it too!

I saw some classes in Manhattan but I wanted something closer and then I saw EyeCycle.

EyeCycle founded by Tineta. She has over 10 years experience of spin cycling. The space is intimate with an exposed brick wall that I love. I told her I was a beginner thinking she would be easy on me but nope that was not the case.

EyeCycle was created out of the desire to stay engaged while taking group classes that were mundane, low-energy, lack of cultural edge and personal expression. Tineta implemented her own style, creativity, musicality and eventually her techniques, talents and high spirited energy become a movement and EyeCycle was born

Spin Cycling has may benefits include building muscle tone, improve cardio health, burn calories, build lean muscle. It is a total body workout. You work your glutes, legs and stomach. What also makes this class fun is that you are riding along to fun music.

The motto I got from spin class

“You can slow down but you can’t quit”

Tineta pushes you to your limit and then beyond that. She says its mind over matter. Even when I was thirsty I had to drink water and still cycle. Spin cycling is not only physical its very much mental which is why I love it. Tineta explains the proper form on the bike and asks if you have any medical condition.

Want to try a class? It’s easy to sign up and create an account at www.EyeCycle.com. They have classes 7 days a week. The classes are inexpensive with a single class only $15.00.